ABC Cancels Hit Sitcom “Last Man Standing” While Parent Company Disney Faces Financial Struggles

ABC’s latest program cancellation is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Recently, the Disney-owned network announced the hit sitcom “Last Man Standing” would not return for a seventh season despite very high ratings. In fact, the Tim Allen-starring show was ABC’s third most watched scripted series over the past season.

The cancellation of “Last Man Standing” is noteworthy because Allen, a Hollywood rarity because of his personal politics, plays a politically conservative character “adhering to traditional American values.”

Meanwhile, ESPN, which is also owned by Disney, just announced major changes for its flagship program, SportsCenter. Yahoo! Finance claims “the changes represent ESPN recognizing an urgent need to reach sport fans on other platforms than just cable television.”

Obviously, the “urgent need” stems from the loss of 10,000 ESPN subscribers per day, a hemorrhage blamed by some commentators on an increase in the network’s left-leaning content. Progressivism apparently turns off sports fans and ESPN’s inability to connect is having an impact on Disney’s bottom line.

Last week, Disney’s latest earnings report showed a 3% drop in profit due to ESPN’s sustained loss of subscribers and the company’s stock fell 2% overnight as a result. Yet, sister network ABC is cancelling a successful show that actually appeals to conservative audiences.

Perhaps Disney’s current leadership just has a penchant for making bad programming decisions. The only other explanation would be the corporation is more interested in promoting a political agenda than making profits. That would certainly be in line with our research showing Disney’s financial relationships with liberal organizations like LULAC, GLAAD, and the World Wildlife Fund. Either way, investors can’t be thrilled with the results.

Click here for a link to contact Disney directly and ask why these networks keep making bad decision when it comes to the politics of their programming content.


  • ABC’s cancellation is not a head scratcher for me. The left is pushing an ideological agenda over profits. Well not exactly, they know they are losing customers, but they still think it is worth it.

    ABC’s left leaning bias is never more evident than in their news program ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. This program has consistently used bias by omission to slant every news story they do to the left. They now only report good things about liberal issues and bad things about conservative issues. What is left is nothing short of propaganda.

    I see the cancellation of this conservative leaning sitcom as a bad sign that the left is attempting to silence all dissenting opinions and thoughts.

    Fortunately for us, we still live in a world driven by Capitalism and we can do something about it. Support 2ndVote.

    To fight the liberal MEDIA join

  • David Fullam

    I think they finally realized that tim allen is neither funny, nor relevant.

    • Doug

      Relevant… this from a comic book expert.

    • Rex Reed

      Nor is your comment.

  • skitt5

    ABC is foolish to do this.

  • Lucha Aguirre

    I wont be spending any of my conservative earned money on anything Disney

  • Doug

    Relevant… this from a comic book expert.

  • Rex Reed

    Awesome. Disney – you’re next. We already stopped going there, buying anything associated with your name…stopped watching ESPN and anything else with your name on it. We will continue to boycott until you wake up. Walt would be rolling over in his grave to see what you have done with his good name.

  • James Bryson

    Ah, the highly principled corporate “war on conservative, heterosexual men”…so subtle.

    Hope this hits Disney/NBC where it hurts: $$$$…that is their mountaintop idol.

  • Angelo G

    I have found more and more that young people are not taking there children to Disney any more.
    Instead they are choosing to take them to places where they can experience real things like our national parks.
    I have a cousin that has taken her children to the Florida Keys and said they had more fun and less stress and spent less money in better hotels. I have another cousin and a neighbor that said they will never take there kids to Disney.
    Attitudes are changing, people are seeing that our money talks.