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Ask Enterprise: Is This Gun Dangerous?

Enterprise has caved to anti-2nd Amendment extremists and is discontinuing its partnership with the NRA.

Essentially, this decisions means the Enterprise brand is now a part of the left’s agenda to demonize guns and gun ownership. But, we know that guns aren’t the problem!

Help us show Enterprise that guns won’t commit a crime by sharing the 2ndVote GunCam link on Twitter. We want to ask Enterprise: will this gun commit a crime?

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  • Ralland (Ron) Fortier

    Simply put: If the police/government could truly protect us there would be no crimes.

    • Suzu M

      yep. Actually EVERYthing is rather simple. Follow moral principles…annnnnnd….there’d be no problem.
      Name one bad thing that could possibly happen from everyone, everywhere living by moral principles.

      But, because people don’t, we must have laws to punish the lawbreakers and good guys need guns, etc. to assist in preventing the bad guys from taking over.

      It’s ridiculous that our nation even has to have this problem.
      I don’t remember folks talking about guns all the time when I was a kid. But when the crimes become common, more of us need to learn how to protect ourselves. Stop doing the crimes, and we wouldn’t have to have this ‘infatuation’ that gun-haters seem to think folks have.

  • raybobrock

    I saw a movie once where only the police and the military were allowed to have guns, it was called Schindler’s List. Credit to The Patriot Post for that one.

  • MikeInNorthernVa

    All we need is more gun free zone signs. Right?

    liberals are such morons.

    • D-az-L

      What they really need is to put: “And we really, really mean it!!!” on there….you know….a little tweaking.
      Then they should work just fine….you know….like all the other great liberal ideas:

      New Deal—Great Society—ObamaCare—KKK—open borders—Common Core—segregation—sanctuary cities—Happy, Hunger-Free Kids law—green energy programs—Dept of Education—running HilLIARy for president (thank you!)

    • Randall Kessinger

      i have not patronized Target since they allowed males to use women’s restrooms and have recently done the same with Walgreen’s for the same reason. I have not watched the NFL(nimnal football league) this year and have not patronized any of their sponsors for their anti-American antics. Now, I will not patronize any the companies that are taking these actions against the NRA.

  • Rand Foreman

    I believe they will greatly regret their decision as others learn about this, they now have a F- grade in the NRA member handbook.

  • Suzu M

    🙂 This is a good idea. Rather calming…like watching a fire flicker in a fireplace.

  • patriot2947

    Pass along to eveyone you know about these companies going against the 2nd Amendment. We will boycott!

  • Elisa

    I’d like to watch a pile of heroin next! Or maybe a baggy of oxy. And see if it too is completely harmless when left alone in front of a camera.. Really interesting experiment!
    I don’t know how people could think a problem exists when clearly there is no issue. The gun hasn’t even moved! Super interesting and this will change minds on guns.