Before You Fall for the Unicorn Frappuccino Frenzy, Read This

The newest Starbucks drink to break the internet is taking America by storm. Lines are wrapping around outside the stores and boggling the minds of many as the coffee giant welcomes consumers to try their newest concoction—the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Michelle Orr, of The Federalist, said it best in her piece on the frappuccino abomination, stating, “If Starbucks is going to roll out bad products and ask employees to lie about them, they need to at least include a guide on how to do that convincingly.” Apparently, the yumminess of the purple goop or lack thereof, is about a 50/50 shot.

Your friends at 2ndVote won’t be trying the newest marketing frenzy, though. Starbucks is one of the most left-wing companies we have in our database, donating millions to liberal organizations and supporting their policies. The company matches employee donations to the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, for example.

To explore the corporate political funding Starbucks click here to view their scorecard.

  • PeriMedic

    It is a glass of liquid refined sugar. It’s a little ironic that a Liberal company, with a horde of Liberal followers, would create such a monstrosity of junk food. Usually Liberals are the ones beating the drums for natural, organic, health foods (and some Conservatives do, too)! It shows, to me, that Starbucks is all about the $$$–true capitalist–which is in conflict with their Socialist donations and agenda. “Good for me, but not for thee.”

  • slohunter

    I can’t afford their slop, so it don’t matter.

  • Angelo G

    More garbage that they have made you think is the greatest stuff on earth and you cant live without.
    The American public is so easy ton fool.

  • Md222

    They are only on the Left for Cheap Labor. Not because they care about the poor.

  • We The People

    They need starbucks so that they can “feel” like their better than the rest of us. It’s all about status. I’ve tasted their coffee and the only thing that makes it palatable is a load of sugar and whip creams, etc.. Today’s liberalism is a mental disease.