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Colin Kaepernick Personally Supports Abortion’s Devastating Impact on Minority Communities

Colin Kaepernick is back in the spotlight with his Nike partnership, but that’s pretty much the only good news for his movement. Just four players protested on opening weekend (.2 percent of all players), the NFL and the NFL Players Association have more drama than a soap opera, and we now know that Kaepernick donates to ending unborn black lives.

That’s right. The depths of Kaepernick’s hypocrisy go beyond his partnership with abortion-supporting and sweat shop-running Nike and his support for Fidel Castro. They go right to $50,000 when he personally gave to two groups which back abortion.

Life News has the details:

Kaepernick helps fund radical abortion activism.

He directly donated $25,000 to the extreme pro-abortion group, Center for Reproductive Rights. This is the outfit that celebrated the 40thanniversary of Roe v. Wade with a bizarre sexualized tribute to the millions killed by abortion, called “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby”.

Kaepernick also gave $25,000 to the Lower East Side Girls Club with nearly $8,000 earmarked for travel to Detroit’s version of the radical pro-abortion Women’s March and for young girls to go to the pro-porn, anti-science Teen Vogue Summit. Just in case you haven’t picked up Teen Vogue lately, the soft porn mag heavily promotes abortionPlanned Parenthood and anal sex to teens.

It’s well-established that the abortion industry targets unborn children in minority neighborhoods — especially black ones. At least as many black babies die in the womb each day as are killed by police — and each one of those unborn children is innocent.

So, go ahead, Kaepernick. Keep telling us that you care so much about black lives. Tell us how much you’ve suffered as you make millions but ignore the plight of single black mothers who feel they have no choice but to end the life of their child. Please inform our great nation of how your rank hypocrisy is anything but self-serving and hypocritical.

We’ll wait. Actually, we won’t. We’ll keep pushing NFL fans and every other American to use their 2ndVote dollars to tell corporations to put the scourge of abortion on the ash heap of history. We’ll do our best to protect black mothers, fathers, and children from the devastation of murdered innocents.

But you keep getting yours.

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  • Allie Davis

    Too bad for ALL of us Kap’s mom wasn’t an abortion supporter!

  • Ask

    Just because someone’s pro choice doesn’t mean that they support abortions. Maybe the support someone’s right to make decisions based on their OWN LIVING CIRCUMSTANCES. And you TAKING someone’s choice away saves lives how?
    If you couldn’t feed a child would you want to bring it into the world so it could suffer?
    If you were raped and you were pregnant with a criminals child, should you be forced to bare that child?
    Should the government be able to mandate that you give birth? You get upset with they force you to pay taxes that are used to support underprivileged children yet you have an issue with someone deciding whether or not to bring said child into the world? How much sense are you making?

    • Ask

      So many people complain about abortion yet we have soooo many children that have yet to be adopted.. 👀.
      Don’t complain, do something. Adopt a child and take care of them since you know best what they need.


      She — AND he — had a choice. If you were coming into my house to take food from me, I have a choice, right? Either a .12 gauge, a .40 S&W or a .357. “What!!!!”, you say. What’s the difference? You may be hungry, out of work and on the street. You’re INNOCENT, right? O.K., whats the difference? Did the fetus or embryo or eight-month baby have a choice? Is IT innocent? The old sad argument that “the child would be better off not born because etc, etc, etc. Kaepernick is PROBABLY a liberal/socialist/lefty? So were the Democrats during SEGREGATION era. He’s enabling the murder of Black babies. Oh, white babies too? Yup. But funny thing: Planned Parenthood abattoirs are PREDOMINATELY located in Black areas of towns. In New York City, 70% of Black pregnancies END IN ABORTION. (Look it up.) So, why not act the truth, Colin, and put a hood over your head and ride a horse carrying a torch? At least the KKK was organized to protect Southerners — white AND black — from having their farms, money, daughters and land stolen by Northern carpetbaggers and Union troops. Wake up. Your opinion leaks like a colander.

  • tortoise1689

    Bottom line, Abortion is Murder, always! Period!!!


    Put a hood on his head, give him a lighted torch, put him pn a horse and he can ride through Black N.Y. City and murder those innocent human beings. It would be more honest.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    I’m not surprised that Kaepernick is a first-class passenger on the Marxist Express. He has probably pressured at least one girlfriend into an abortion already anyway.