‘It is about time’

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell has released a memo calling for an end to the controversial national anthem protests before games.

In the memo, which was sent to all NFL teams, Goodell pointed to the fans who have OVERWHELMINGLY opposed the protests since they began in 2016:

Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem. It is an important moment in our game. We want to honor our flag and our country, and our fans expect that of us.

In fact, 44% of fans polled said they would stop watching NFL games if the protests continued, and they weren’t bluffing. Television networks have been hemorrhaging viewers all season and corporate sponsors are facing angry customers over their advertising agreements. And all of this happened just to push a false narrative started by one player who has become so toxic he can’t be hired.

At the end of the day, fans were fed up with the fact that players were using the national anthem as a platform to make a political statement, and this action was essentially institutionalized by the league itself. To make matters worse, the players’ union, an organization that supports radical leftist groups tied to George Soros, endorsed and defended the protests. Therefore, it stands to reason that pressure on the companies doing business with the NFLwent a long way towards influencing Goodell to start bringing the protests to an end. For example, DirecTV has offered refunds to customers who opposed the protests and Anheuser-Busch set up a specific prompt on its customer service hotline to accept feedback.

President Trump’s tweet in response to the memo’s release accurately summed up how most are feeling:

Wouldn’t Goodell have saved a lot of headaches for the fans, owners, and even the advertisers if the league had released this memo over a year ago?

What do you think? Is the NFL making the right steps to end the anthem protests? Will you return to watching games? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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  • Scott Henley

    On the surface, this announcement appears to be commissioner Goodell doing the right thing, which, yes, ending these protests is just that, but in this case, it come Far Too Late… The headline says “It’s About Time” , when in fact it is Not… If we look at this situation, we see the start of this debate, last year, with Colin Kaeprnick, a lone protester who found himself on the outside looking in, this year, failing to secure a spot on an NFL roster. As this season began, we saw the numbers build during the pre season. At that point, before the season got rolling, we saw Goodell make a statement showing his support for this Sickening Display of Anti American sentiment. Also, there were coaches that actually supported these displays of Ignorance. At this point, coaches, owners and the commissioner were all given the opportunity to put an bend to these Disrespectful Displays Spitting in the Face of All Veterans of our Armed Forces. They ALL FAILED…..
    Now, the league has begun to see that the support for Our President and Our Pride in Our Country and Love for both Country and Flag Far Outweighs our support for Ignorant Uneducated Unwarranted displays of politics on our football fields… So now the commissioner is Forced to act, after being met with the loss of sponsorships from various companies. Now, we have examine their Continued Support for other liberal activist groups such as Black Lives Matter, a group that has close ties, and based on current comments and actions, are supported by the protesting players, making their protests truly a Racist Protest versus an injustice protest, which they claim is their goal. So, we see the kneeling protests come to an end, but we, as fans, now are faced with the question of what to do, now that we have the information we do regarding the involvement of these players in a liberal Racist Group, BLM…. I am not giving them the free pass they expect, especially since the players and league are still looking to turn November into a month of Social Activist Awareness month. This simply means, they are seeking to draw attention to their cause in a different way, BUT THEY ARE STILL POLITICIZING THE SPORTING ARENA, WHICH WAS THE ISSUE TO BEGIN WITH… THEY STILL HAVE NOT LEARNED THAT THE FANS SIMPLY WANT THE GAME. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CAUSE…

    • Kartie

      Amen! Done with the NFL! Now that we know ‘the rest of the story’ There are way better role models too thanoverpaid, in U S dollars, spoiled football players!

    • tangobella

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Also, a note that none of these players should be allowed to use their freedom of speech right during their “working” hours hence NFL & owners should have addressed this long ago. Lastly, in what country BUT the US could these “players” make the money they do? No where but the US!

  • Pete

    A little too late! Lost me as a fan!

  • Nancy T

    I was never a diehard NFL fan; however, I will never again watch any sport contest which is dominated by politics, either black or white. In my viewing preferences are not included politics, especially on the leftist side. I also will not purchase from any corporation which expresses leftist views. So far I am not alone in this, as evidenced by Target and Kellogg’s. Too bad evil globalists! All lives matter!

  • James Bryson

    Timing is everything…

  • David Weller

    Too little too late. If he and the NFL organization truly respected the country and flag they would have stopped this mess when Colin first took a knee.
    The American people were immediately outrage but Roger did nothing to stop it but instead promoted it.
    They need to fire Roger.

  • sanitywillprevail

    Too little, too late. Glad the protests are under fire, but they should be sanctioning the participating players, and teams that have allowed the protest. And the the companies that support this type of behavior? It took hitting their “bottom line” to get their attention. And now that we seem to have it, we need to keep. That is, I will continue to “put my money where my mouth is”. No NFL this season, and as little financial support for the companies that back it.


    The CEO of the BALL-LESS Billion owners and the ungrateful clueless millionaire players. Lost this fan forever and I won’t buy any products that advertise. I was going to buy a Ford this year not anymore.

  • M Burke

    When these powers and principalities are moved by the moral imperative and not the financial is when I will begin to PERHAPS, just PERHAPS, watch a game now and then, refer to the weekly box scores, and engage in the endless water cooler discussions about some team or player ad nauseum. And it is when I MIGHT, just MIGHT, actually patronize a product or service provided by any one of the advertisers. I will continue to boycott both the league and their sponsors because all they are waiting for is the dust to settle before they can get back to the business of… well… the business, and not the soul, of the sport. When they have to use their fame or celebrity to push a social agenda, you know immediately how vapid and baseless is the agenda since it cannot stand on its own merits. Where are the leaders in this country, Goodell? You have much learn from those with courage and virtue who came before.

  • JanPage

    No more Anheuser Busch products in our home! I’ve called their hotline 3 times. They ARE NOT listening to consumers.

    • Scott Henley

      Actually Budweiser is listening. They have a hotline number you can call to express your concern. I mean, like anything they have to hear it from us. If we do not call and voice our concerns, they will think we simply do not care. Does not matter anyway for me. I have not bought a single Busch product in my adult drinking life. That is what living in Germany will do for you. You taste Real Bier. What they are selling, I am not buying….

  • Shirley from In.

    Jerry Jones knows how to run a ship. Roger Goodell MUST go!!

  • WOW

    Well, I think it will take me a little over a year to make up my mind to watch NFL games again. Then I’ll see what is going on at the time.

  • Linda

    Football and it’s advertisers will not recover from this because neither had enough balls to stand up to these overpaid players! These advertisers will be forever linked to this disgusting, disrectful display because you along with the league allowed it! Guess what; conservatives can boycott too! And now we know exactly who is helping Soros with this non stop attack on this elected President!!