NFL on Verge of Finalizing $90 Million “Settlement” with Players over Social Justice, Anthem

National Football League owners are expected to finalize an apparent settlement with the newly formed Players Coalition during the annual owners meeting next week.

The deal, which was reached last November, calls for $89 million in contributions to various social justice causes including Van Jones’s Dream Corps and 501(c)4 activities directed by the Players Coalition. 2ndVote has previously reported on donations funneled to anti-Trump “resistance”organizations tied to liberal billionaire George Soros through the NFL Players Association.

The Washington Times reports the deal may be designed to quell the controversial anthem protests, despite the league’s denial of any intent to officially address the issue. However, at least one of the protesting players has said “he would stop raising a fist after helping broker the agreement.”

Read the entire report from the Washington Time here.

Also be sure to see “the ad the NFL doesn’t want you to see” we released before the Super Bowl below:

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  • James Bryson

    Triple down on being politically toxic. Down, down, down…you go.

    Sign Goodell to another contract!

  • johnnycab23513

    They will never get any of my money to waste on anti American “causes”!

  • Richard Hennessy

    Great idea–encourage these thugs with huge amounts of money!! What wrong is the NFL settling? The NFL pays these thugs an extravagant salary. If they want money to go to some cause, let them contribute from their salaries. If they aren’t that committed to the cause, whatever it may be, why should the NFL contribute from fans ticket prices?

    • farmer joe

      Amen brother,I so agree, I will keep Boycotting,how about you ?

      • Tommy B

        Year three and going strong! No more nfl!

  • farmer joe

    Thats ok if they wanna support scummie million dollar thugs, I will continue my BOYCOTT, No nfl for me so no money for them or their sponsors

  • Don Marte

    I’m tired of paying for stadiums I don’t use! I’m tired of my tax dollar supporting billionaire owners & millionaire players for playing an adolescent game! This is pure, 100% horse apples! Time to reduce the deficit!

  • Soldiers die for a starting salary (approximated) of $24,000 per year.
    NFL Black Racist Pro Criminals Association contracts start at $395,200 per year.
    Soldiers sacrifice all to defend the interests of the USA globally.
    Sports jocks play children’s ball games in front of large audiences and get called heroes.

  • Legalize Freedom

    I’ve been NFL free for almost 4 tears now. I feel great.