Starbucks Just Admitted That Listening To Customers Is Good For Business

2ndVote shoppers are rarely fans of Starbucks. The international coffee chain always finds a way to be on the leading edge of left-wing hysterics. Its ranking with 2ndVote is abysmal.

However, while we want to use our dollars wisely, we are constantly encouraging companies to reverse course, and we pay close attention to new signs of change. As of this week, it appears Starbucks may be (for once) listening to its customers! Via Fox News:

“Our customers have told us that the return of Starbucks holiday cups and beverages are a signal the season is upon us,” said Kristy Cameron of Starbucks’ creative team, per a news release. “We hope they feel the holiday magic that only Starbucks can create during this special time of year.”

This year’s “retro” cups are said to be inspired by the company’s “own story” and “heritage,” per the release. For example, the “Stargyle” cup incorporates the stars seen in the Starbucks Siren’s crown, while the “Stripes” cup features a design mimicking the seam on a back of Starbucks coffee.

But, we found a particularly interesting admission from Starbuck’s COO:

“We listened to our customers,” said Roz Brewer, Starbucks’ chief operating officer. They said they “loved the tradition of Christmas,” she added. Starbucks (SBUX) figured out what customers wanted in a few different ways, Brewer said.

Employees asked for feedback and comments in person, and the company gathered information about preferences through its digital platforms like the mobile app.

With so many corporations ditching “Christmas” themes for “holiday” — case in point is the CNN article, which is chock-full of this particular form of political correctness — this affirms something we’ve known for a long time: consumers are not offended by Christmas. In fact, consumers want MORE Christmas! And why not? The birth of Jesus is the reason for the season and it appear Starbucks may be understanding Americans want to see those traditional concepts and values.

Now, Starbucks still has a long way to go to distance itself as being a mouthpiece for the left. But in traditional 2ndVote fashion, we applaud Starbucks for doing the right thing. We’re going to continue holding them accountable for all that they do wrong, but now we know there’s even the smallest hope that Starbucks will once again focus on serving customers.

Be sure to reach out to Starbucks to not only encourage more Christmas celebration, but also remind them that conservatives want to do business with companies that stay neutral on the issues:

Contact Starbucks!
  • Bill

    I will believe it when I see it. The cup in the photo doesn’t endorse traditional Christmas themes. It’s the same cup they use all year long.

  • Jane

    I will NEVER purchase anything offered by Starbucks! Caribou and Dunn Brothers is where my money will go. Starbucks lost my business years ago when I found out the support Planned Unparenthood. Any business that wants to eliminate future customers won’t be supported by me.

  • Paul Auger

    It makes me laugh to think that people would invest this much energy over a cup. There are real issues out there people! Not everyone needs a magic baby who grows up to be a second rate magician who turned into a Jewish zombie to be a good person. The fact that you need a cup on a mythology to help you be kind to other people says more about your lack of self-control, compassion and empathy then a magic cup. You guys really need to get a life.

    • Doctor N

      So funny that you feel the need to mock people and their beliefs so ruthlessly while pontificating about “kindness.” Spend some time reflecting upon this and then consider that one of the true charisms of theism generally and of Christianity specifically is that of humility.

    • Deborah Brixen

      Paul, I agree, Christmas is not about a cup or anything else that the secular culture makes it to be. We teach our children to believe in a jolly man who flies across the sky in one night to deliver gifts all over the world… hmmm…. God’s word teaches that He came in the form and ways of a human… initially created by Him… to live among us… for what reason? To reconcile us to Him. That is true life… read the book of John and Acts to discover why the individuals closest to our Lord were willing to sacrifice livelihood and life for Him.

      • CumExApostolatus

        The “jolly man” was St. Nicholas, which naturally was bastardized/judaized into a “jolly old elf” story.

        • Kmbold

          It was a Christian author who wrote “The Night Before Christmas” who did that…

          • CumExApostolatus

            Well, at least according to wiki, Clement Moore was “a Professor of Oriental and Greek Literature, as well as Divinity and Biblical Learning, at the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in New York City.” Episcopalian is another word for Anglican. The Anglicans ran a looting operation of the Catholic Church under the King of England because the landed aristocracy had gotten into debt with the usurious (Jewish) bankers and needed land, property, cash, etc. The Anglicans were therefore Judaized in many ways, beginning with freemasonry of which their ranks are replete. Todays’ Christians don’t comprehend the degree to which Christianity has been judaized, beginning with circumcisions.

    • CumExApostolatus

      “Not everyone needs a magic baby who grows up to be a second rate magician who turned into a Jewish zombie to be a good person.”
      Hey Mr. Anger…I mean Auger, perhaps you haven’t heard, but Jesus Christ fought against the pharisees/jewish zombies, especially against their sorcery with the money system. That’s why they made sure to have him crucified. Jesus Christ was not judaized and was not a judaizer.

      • Kmbold

        Goodness! That is hardly the case. Jesus was a Jew and so were the apostles. They were the Chosen people, but failed to accept Jesus as the Son of God. Most of the earliest Christians were converted Jews, until the apostles did as instructed by Jesus: “Go out into the world and make disciples of all nations…” Praise God we Gentiles are as loved as the Jews.

        • CumExApostolatus

          So, you’re saying Jesus was a Pharisee. And God the Father, and Jesus, His Son, and the Holy Spirit are still in covenant with the people who crucified the Savior of mankind.

          • Kmbold

            No, he wasn’t a Pharisee, but he was called “Rabbi”, which means teacher. The Jews are our “elder brothers in faith”. Have you not read the Old Testament? We would not be followers of Christ if Jesus had not been born a Jew. God was with them from the beginning, and they often fell into great sin, but He brought them back after they had suffered slavery and exile. But Jesus said of the Pharisees and Scribes, “Do as they say, not as they do”. They had it wrong about the Messiah, expecting a political leader, not the Son of God, a “suffering servant”. God always keeps His word, so yes, He is faithful to the covenant of the Old Testament. Today’s Jews are faithful people…and one day they will all come to know Jesus Christ. I’ll wager a cup of non-Starbucks coffee on it.

          • CumExApostolatus

            The work of Dr. E. Michael Jones may interest you.

    • Gus Mendez

      Paul Anger
      Christianity doesn’t concern you, so leave it and us alone! Seek help for your anger and take your own advise,” You really need to get a life”

      • Paul Auger


        The truth is Christianity does concern me. Not because I will not leave it alone but because Christianity will not leave non-Christians alone. Much like the Taliban, and I do consider Christianity America’s Taliban you would like to use civil law to force people to obey your church law. We see this with reproductive freedom, LGBT rights, stem cell research, and other ways that you have tried to bend legislation to conform to Christian doctrine. We also see this in education where Christians have intended to infiltrate curriculum and state standards trying to require public schools, funded by taxpayer dollars to teach misinformation such as the earth is 6000 years old, America is a “Christian nation”, and teaching than controversy between evolution and creationism when there really is no controversy at all. What did data show is that people who believe in God, please note I did not limit that to Christians, tend to be less educated and of lower income. Therefore, we have undereducated individuals trying to dictate what the rest of the country can do based on their mythology resident empirical evidence. Yes, I speak out against that. Like it or not.

  • Denise

    Some years ago a local conservative, Christian man started “Durango Joes”. Better than Starbucks and a lot less expensive. An 8oz. mocha latte at Starbucks = $4.50…a 16oz. at Durango Joes is the same price, and the young folks working there are way friendlier. Local is better.

  • Kmbold

    It isn’t much of a step forward to use the “star…in the Starbuck siren’s crown” as a “holiday” (Christmas) theme. Don’t be desperate, 2nd Vote.

  • isgs

    I am making a ton of money owning their stock.