Unilever’s Evolving Definitions of “Motherhood” and “Fatherhood”

According to Unilever, the 2017 rewrite of Heather Has Two Mommies should be titled Heather Has a Mommy and a “Mommy” Who Is Also Her Biological Father.

The new #RealMoms campaign for Unilever’s personal care brand Dove launched with a YouTube video featuring “diverse parenting styles” of various mothers and Shae the “grad student.” We are told Shae, who was born a man, and the woman next to him are the biological parents of the child with them. However, Shae unhesitatingly tells the camera, “We’re both gonna be moms.”

To recap, Dove’s ad about motherhood features a man who identifies as the “mom” of his biological child instead of the actual mother of that child.

But, not surprisingly, virtue signaling has no sense of shame or irony.

Dove’s #RealStrength homage to the critical role of fathers to promote the brand’s Men+Care product line was one of 2015’s highest rated Super Bowl ads was. And rightfully so, the ad tugged at the heartstrings. Moreover, the positive affirmation of fatherhood resonates, especially as broad swath of ideological, socioeconomic, religious, and racial backgrounds share a common recognition of the societal ills that stem from father absence.

Sadly, Dove’s motherhood/fatherhood confusion cheapens and distorts the very narrative about parenting their ads are trying to portray. Insinuating that a man can be a mother or a father based on how that man “identifies” takes the exclusive strengths men and women bring to childrearing and reduces their roles to a non-complementary “Parent 1/Parent 2” partnership.

The result of Dove’s rhetorical divergence is the total loss of pathos. The attempt to evoke an emotional response is rendered meaningless by the contradiction that only serves for signaling solidarity with the left’s most current social justice cause célèbre.

Through Dove’s marketing campaign, Unilever is illustrating how virtue signaling and identity politics overshadow basic values and linear logic in this new culture war battlefront. The left has transitioned from redefining the roles of men and women in marriage to redefining the actual meanings of “male” and “female” and the attributes that go with them.

Unilever’s role in enabling this radical gender upheaval, however, goes beyond ad campaigns. In fact, Unilever has partnered with the Human Rights Campaign to endorse legislation that would create special accommodations on the basis sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) at the federal level. Furthermore, at the left’s bidding, Unilever has lobbied against RFRA-type legislation in three states that would protect business owners from LGBT activists who use these accommodation mandates to persecute business owners for standing against the left’s redefinitions of marriage and gender.

This is why the fight in the modern culture wars extends beyond the ballot box and the courts. Conservatives have a real opportunity to influence the policy debate by engaging and, when necessary, holding companies like Unilever and Target accountable for their promotion of the LGBT left’s agenda.

More background on this story can be found at American Lens and HeatStreet.

To reach out to Unilever directly and learn more about this company’s policy positions, visit our scorepage here.

  • sascha11

    No move Dove for me !!!!

    • Martha

      I’d like to say that, but unilever has their name on so much! I’ll have to check labels.

      • rvandegrift

        P&G, too! I boycott them as much as I can.

    • PeriMedic

      I, too, would like to say that, but I can’t. I’ve come to realize that there are so many products and services that we use and need which are produced/provided by monolithic companies and even smaller, ubiquitous providers, that keeping track of them all is much too time consuming, for one thing. I am exhausted avoiding this, that, and everything else. And it gets to a point where I would be on the edge of having to cleaning my laundry with a stone in a creek, and shearing my own sheep, et cetera, to hand-make my own clothes. I can do the simple things, like avoid Target because I live in the suburbs and I can just walk into the grocery store or go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for what I can get there. I can get coffee drinks at Wawa or Dunkin Donuts. But that’s about it for me. I also want to enjoy life and not be obsessed by it all, and religiously avoiding places was stressing me out. And even when looking at some of the companies, I see they get an A for abortion and an F for 2nd amendment, for example. Which is more important to me??? Decisions, decisions. I love 2nd vote and like to keep informed, but I can’t always live by it.

  • anyone ever notice that their lotion bottle nozzles are designed to fit neatly into rectums? get kids used to the feeling of lotion squirting up their business to ease their transition into slaves of satan and his barbed flesh wand. “unilever” is also dutch for “united in service of evil”. so tired of the gay agenda being presented as if its not also satan’s.

  • Mark Keating

    The guy thinks he is a mom but he is not he is the father period. It’s just as important to be a good father as it is to be a good mother.

  • TM McKeny

    What happens when one or both of Heather’s mommies decided she identified as male now?

  • PeriMedic

    I really am amazed at the culture’s drift toward the encouragement of mental illness. It is one thing to “tolerate” (meaning here to not be cruel to such people, and to try to help them) people who aren’t accepting of their scientific, natural, biological sex, and it is another to tell them that there is nothing wrong with them and encourage their delusions. If a person is anorexic, and sees her skin and bones as fat, we don’t tell them, “Yes, go ahead and diet if it makes you feel better about yourself. Your body is what you say it is, not what it really is.” We don’t tell the schizophrenic that there really are invisible people talking to him. In each case we treat them to get them to accept reality. SMH.

  • James Bryson

    What a crock of LGBTQxyz!