Statement from 2ndVote

Statement from 2ndVote


We are devastated by the horrific shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, TN. Being a Nashville-based organization, this is very close to home for 2ndVote and our staff. Classrooms are meant to be safe, productive spaces that give children a place to grow and learn amongst their teachers and peers. The defilement of this space at The Covenant School and the senseless loss of life and innocence is nothing short of a travesty. 

As Metro Nashville Police have released details of the shooting, we have learned the identity of the shooter and that this individual was a female-to-male transgender person. It is important to understand that the issues of transgenderism and cruel violence like what was seen on Monday are separate issues that, while potentially sharing overlapping factors like the experience of mental illness, it is inappropriate to conflate the two. Like many, if not all other persons that have committed similar crimes, it is evident that the perpetrator of the Covenant School shooting suffered from severe mental illness that devolved into callous resentment and a total disregard for innocent life. If you or someone you know is suffering from mental illness, be it from gender dysphoria or otherwise, please seek help from a mental health professional with the proper specializations to meet your needs. 

As for the Metro Nashville Police department and the courageous officers that responded to the scene with haste and skill, we cannot thank you enough for risking your lives for the sake of others. Your bravery is beyond admirable, and Nashville is better off with the benefit of your service. 

Additionally, for the citizens across the nation, as we witness the aftermath of yet another senseless killing: learn from this tragedy. Let this be a catalyst for your own preparedness. Whether you choose to carry a firearm for protection or you practice medical skills for emergencies such as this, get training, build competence, and become an asset to your community. You never know when evil will rear its head, and you may be the only thing standing in its way.  

Lastly, our heartfelt prayers go out to those grieving hearts that must unfortunately endure this nightmare. May God’s light bring you solace and comfort, and may your family, friends, and community embrace you with love and compassion.