2nd Vote Releases New Issue: Education

Today is a big day for 2nd Vote as we are excited to release a new scoring category to show you even more about major corporations and how they are using your dollars to influence policy.
Our newest issue added to our database this morning (and just in time for the new school year) is Education.
Across the country, conservatives have taken an active role on the issue of education.  Whether voicing opposition to Common Core or working hard to support School Choice in our communities, conservatives are leading.  2nd Vote is proud to help on this important issue by providing an in-depth look at how companies are funding these issues.
As you may know, companies like General Electric, AT&T, IBM, and even Taco Bell have financed the push for Common Core implementation across the country.  By supporting groups such as the Center for American Progress and Achieve, Inc, these corporations are pushing a controversial system that represents a major expansion of the federal government’s control of education curriculum.
At 2nd Vote, we believe you should hold your dollars accountable and know exactly where your money goes. Our website and mobile app shows how corporations line up with your values and we invest the resources to bring the research to you.  We’ve added over 50 companies immediately, and we’re adding more daily. To view all companies’ education scores, visit the 2nd Vote app or website.