2nd Vote Uncovers Corporate Support for Charlotte “Bathroom Bill”

On Monday, the Charlotte City Council passed a law that expanded the list of characteristics protected by the city’s non-discrimination ordinances to include the terms “sexual orientation”, “gender identity”, and “gender expression”.

Like last year’s HERO controversy in Houston, opponents of the ordinance are concerned law creates loopholes that would be exploited by individuals desiring access to bathrooms, locker rooms, and other sex-specific facilities used by the opposite gender. #DontDoItCharlotte makes a strong case against the changes for reasons of public safety, violations of religious liberty, and the undermining of religious liberty.

More information on the ramifications of the ordinance can be found here.

2nd Vote’s research team has uncovered several organizations with corporate backing that have been pushing for the measure’s adoption. Several of these companies are scored in 2nd Vote’s database.

EqualityNC (Level of giving is noted): 
– GlaskoSmithKline (Speaker’s Circle $5000-$9999)
Food Lion (Senate Circle $2400-$4999)
IBM (Senate Circle $2400-$4999)
– Clorox  Company Foundation (House Circle $1200-2399)
Ameriprise Financial (Legislative Circle ($600-$1199)
– Time Warner Cable (Legislative Circle ($600-$1199)

Charlotte Business Guild (Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce):
– 5/3 Bank
Liberty Mutual
Food Lion

– a full list can be found on 2nd Vote’s Marriage Values Page

2nd Vote is continuing to investigate the corporate support behind Charlotte’s so-called “Bathroom Bill” and will continue to develop this story here.