2ndVote Calls on Bank of America to End Planned Parenthood Donations

For Immediate Release
April 18, 2019

Contact: Press@2ndVote.com

Nashville, TN – 2ndVote, the conservative watchdog for corporate activism, is calling on Bank of America to end all funding for abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

“Bank of America continues to direct tens of thousands of dollars into Planned Parenthood’s abortion business,” said 2ndVote Executive Director Robert Kuykendall. “We want investors and customers to understand that their dollars are being used to support an organization that exists primarily to end innocent lives.”

According to the most recent available IRS Form 990 filing, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation distributed over $50,000 to Planned Parenthood organizations in 2017.

“As we saw earlier this year in New York and Virginia, the abortion lobby is engaged in a nationwide effort to end all limitations on abortion,” continued Kuykendall. “By continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, Bank of America is endorsing a radical agenda and financing the killing of infants up to the moment of birth.”

2ndVote’s petition asking Bank of America to end financial support for Planned Parenthood coincides with the company’s annual shareholders meeting that will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 24, 2019.

“Information is powerful,” said Kuykendall. “Bank of America’s leadership needs to hear from customers, investors, and all who value life that support for Planned Parenthood is support for infanticide. Those who value life don’t want to see their banking dollars funding an organization that ends over 300,000 lives every year.”

More information on Bank of America’s charitable donations can be found at 2ndVote.com.

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