New Year’s Resolution: Shop Local, Shop Small In 2019

New Year’s Resolution: Shop Local, Shop Small In 2019

2ndVote’s mission is to hold corporations accountable for how they spend spend our dollars. We do this through conservative consumers across the country who want alternatives to bad actors such as Target, Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart.

Sometimes those corporate alternatives are obvious. 2ndVote endorsed as an alternative to Amazon, and we’ve endorsed several options for replacing Dick’s Sporting Goods for your firearms purchases.

There are times where a “good” corporation may not exist, however. This is when 2ndVote urges conservative consumers to shop small and to shop local.

Small and local businesses are a fantastic alternative to big corporations because they often have what you need and they are beholden to their community instead of stockholders. They are often engaged members of your community and they are more easily held accountable to your values.

Unlike major corporations, small businesses are reliant on customer loyalty because they have fewer customers. Each customer is a valued member of the business’ bottom line because local businesses often have smaller revenues, lower profit margins, and stiffer competition.

These companies are also run by people in your community. You may see staff at church or the owner(s) at PTA meetings. Their kids may play sports with your kids. Rather than a faceless and bureaucratic corporate environment, small and local businesses will know you and your values.

So, in 2019 — shop local and shop small if you can’t find a good corporation with which to spend your consumer dollars. It’s a New Year’s Resolution which will help restore 2ndVote values across the country.

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