2ndVote and CPAC Attendees Agree: Let’s Take The Fight To Corporate America

2ndVote and CPAC Attendees Agree: Let’s Take The Fight To Corporate America

America’s conservative movement agrees with 2ndVote: it’s time to take the fight to corporate America.

Our nation’s values are being quickly corrupted by corporations that fund abortion and climate alarmism. Many of these corporations intentionally hire illegal immigrants, creating a trifecta of lawbreaking, lower wages, and dangerous circumstances for immigrants and Americans alike.

Of course, perhaps the greatest corruption of America’s values comes through the many corporations which seek to undermine the First and Second Amendments. Our rights to speech and religious practice, as well as self-defense, are trampled by corporations that create big political pay-days for political allies.

CPAC highlighted many examples of corporate corruption, including but not limited to how social media giants censor conservative voices. The evil of abortion, the shockingly high taxes of climate alarmism, and the dangers of open borders were all part and parcel of the main stage and breakout discussions.

Here are our three main takeaways from CPAC 2020:

  • The conservative movement is fully aware of the threat of corporate activism to Americans and our values.
  • The movement is dedicated to creating a comprehensive response to corporate leftism.
  • 2ndVote Americans have the opportunity to lead the way by being engaged and active in stopping corporate political donations and engagement.


With elections later this year, it’s critically important that 2ndVote Americans lead the fight against corporate leftism. Here are three ways to do just that:

  • Become a 2ndVote member and active social media participant.
  • Urge your friends and family to do the same.
  • Vote in the booth in November.
  • Vote with your dollars. Pick five corporations and seek out neutral or conservative-aligned alternatives. 


Conservatives CAN win the fight for America’s heart and future. We just have to buckle down today, tomorrow, and for years to come. It’ll be a lot of work to reverse decades of slide, but our nation’s future is worth it.