2ndVote New Year’s Resolution: Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

2020 New Year's Resolutions

2ndVote New Year’s Resolution: Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

2021 is rolling around, and for most of us, that means holding to New Year’s resolutions. Here at 2ndVote, we know it’ll be hard to spend more of your 2ndVote dollars with companies that support the values you believe in – leftist corporations are simply large, powerful, and plentiful. But here are a few ways to get started on making your voice heard beyond the ballot. 

It’s easy to get started with a 2ndVote membership, and you can read more of our blog to find more detailed descriptions of why we rate certain companies high (5.00) neutral (3.00), and low (1.00).

You can tie your 2ndVote resolution into other popular New Year’s resolutions such as working out. Lululemon Athletica (3.33) provides a wide variety of athletic wear and athletic accessories including deodorant, for both men and women. If you’re looking to support 2nd Amendment rights, look no further than Alexo Athletica (3.67). Alexo was developed to provide women fashionable athletic wear with a twist — concealed carry pockets. This development gives women safety when they’re out jogging, whether in a dangerous city or just out late at night.

When it comes to the holidays, we often spend more than we intend on gifts and parties. By the New Year, we’re often looking for a change of pace, and want to go a bit easier on the pocketbook. If you’re looking to spend less after the holidays, but have that “less” still go towards better causes, Dollar Tree (3.00) and Family Dollar (3.00) are the best places to stop by for groceries, inexpensive thank-you cards, and more.

And when it comes to Christmas leftovers, don’t forget to check out your local Michael’s (3.00) for serious post-holiday discounts. Who knows, you might score next year’s new wreath or Christmas lights for a fraction of the cost, and all without having to brave the Christmas crowds.

New Year’s is a time for changing up our everyday patterns and trying new things. This year, we encourage you to join us in spending your money on new resolutions while never losing sight of traditional values.