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2ndVote researches and scores companies for their alignment to American and Judeo-Christian values. We help consumers, investors and philanthropists align their efforts with their values. Our efforts are focused on better informing corporations, consumers, and philanthropists to effectively support their interests rather than boycotting or “cancelling” organizations with whom they disagree.

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About Bryant Haines

Bryant Haines2ndVote Analytics President, Bryant Haines, brings twenty-five years’ experience leading mission-critical initiatives in both the public and private sectors. His work includes service with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Treasury, Department of Justice, Department of Defense and NASA. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, a past member of the U.S. Congressional Business Advisory Council, an inductee into the Ronald Reagan Congressional Commission and was awarded the US Congressional Medal of Distinction for his work with the National Republican Congressional Committee. Bryant spent thirteen years as the CEO of Kinetic IT Systems, Inc. He has also held a Department of Defense Top Secret clearance, and has led development of artificial intelligence solutions for the US Drug Enforcement Agency, FBI, US Army, and US Special Operations Command. He has worked with several non-profits and supported fundraising and grants on multiple initiatives.

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The Conservative Watchdog for Corporate Activism

Upon learning that March of Dimes donations were being funneled to Planned Parenthood, Dr. David L. Black, a scientist by trade, launched 2ndVote. He was curious to know what other liberal organizations were being funded by consumer spending and donations. Our founder would never fund or vote for Planned Parenthood with his 1st vote at the ballot box, and therefore neither did he want to with his “2ndVote” through everyday spending and giving. 

As the conservative watchdog for corporate activism, 2ndVote exposes the corporations and organizations funding liberal advocacy. By putting big business on watch through our extensive research on the most important issues of the day, our mission is to expose the corporate influence on matters of culture and policy and turn the tide on the attacks on conservative values and principles.