2ndVote Provides ‘Family Values’ Alternatives to Target on Father’s Day

OneNewsNow, the online news service for the American Family Association (AFA), recommends that values oriented shoppers use 2ndVote as a guide for Father’s Day purchases.

AFA recently launched the nationwide #BoycottTarget campaign in response to the retailer’s decision to announce a “dangerous” bathroom and fitting room policy that essentially encouraged all-comers into sex-specific facilities, regardless of biological sex. As of today, AFA’s #BoycottTarget petition has received over 1.3 million signatures.

In the article, 2ndVote’s spokesman explained why it was so important that conservatives hold Target accountable with their shopping dollars:

“[I]n a way, they really showed alignment with a liberal political movement that is attempting to destroy religious liberty protections of the First Amendment.”

Target’s scorepage in 2ndVote’s database shows that the retail giant has a history taking liberal positions several issues, and is one of the top corporate sponsors of the Human Rights Campaign.

However, the article had a call-to-action for shoppers who don’t want to support Target’s liberal advocacy:

“The same people boycotting Target should reward companies that don’t support liberal agendas… The 2ndVote website identifies six retailers that fit the bill of not engaging in liberal advocacy.”

Through our research, 2ndVote has identified several alternatives for shopping this Father’s Day that have a Neutral or higher score on the issues. These companies include:

Hobby Lobby
Bed Bath & Beyond
BJ’s Wholesale Club

Read the article from OneNewsNow in its entirety here and then see more how you can join the 1,355,787 individuals who have signed AFA’s #BoycottTarget petition here.

Also be sure to sign up for a free 2ndVote account so you can see where all the companies stand on the issues here.