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2ndVote Analytics

2ndVote Analytics – Launch

We are delighted to announce the launch of 2ndVote Analytics. The expansion of the 2ndVote operation creates the opportunity for our research and analysis team to provide the solutions, services, and capabilities to corporations that need to align their operations and socio-political engagements with their core values.

We have amassed and developed one of the most advanced collections of operational data, analytics, and insights on corporate engagements in philanthropy, advocacy, and policy. We apply these tools with our subject matter expertise in the issues that drive corporate life and business engagement with the world in which it thrives. Now we are expanding the application of our capabilities and tools to serve the corporate clients we have studied for the last ten years to help you make the change you seek internally. Think change agents for TrueESG™.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure.

Every corporation is defined by its values – those intrinsic but often intangible variables that shape the way organizations think, act, associate, and motivate their culture. Translating those values into measurable functions of employee, community, partner, vendor, and even executive performance can be complex. This is where 2ndVote Analytics comes in. We assess your operations, your stated values, and your perceived behaviors to find the gaps, opportunities and issues that will better align you to your values. We provide the tools, expertise, and methods to assess where you are and to better define where you want to be. Then we apply our 2V Industry Toolset Assessment Standards (ITAS) to develop the metrics and recommend changes to move you into alignment with your values.


Values-Driven 2V TrueESG™

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It is time American companies took their pride back, took their values back, and returned to defending their values from forces inside and out that threaten their success. It is time we take our traditions back. The supposed powers that be would impose controls on you that are contrary to your values and the interests of your shareholders and customers. We help you take that back on your terms. What some call ESG is really a globalist dissolution of stakeholder power. Let us help you take TrueESG™ back to your values.

Environmental Stewardship

Continuous Improvement in the sustainment and betterment of the physical environments in which organizations operate is the duty and opportunity of every organization. Neither ignoring environmental impacts nor pushing alarmism will ensure a better environment. Effective stewardship with an emphasis on resource efficiency are defined in criteria and metrics that fit within the viable reach of the company and its duty to serve its stakeholders and preserve its surroundings.

Social Leadership

Value-based management of a company’s relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and communities is essential to the lasting success of the culture they work so hard to create. Corporate employee and vendor policies, hiring and training initiatives, and even public stances and philanthropy have continuous effects on the relationship between the company and its community – locally and globally. Managing these relationships in a manner that directly reflects the values of the company’s leadership

Governance Authenticity

The integrity of corporate governance – both actual and perceived – is even more critical visibility and cyber-speed communications. Values-driven administration, sustained by values-centered operations, and communicated by values-powered programs will keep the company and its stakeholders focused on the mission while maintaining harmony with governance expectations. Transparent accounting, investing, giving, and decision making instills the confidence required for effective governance. But this cannot be accomplished by perception only.

Values-Centered Services

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Taking the assessment of your values a step further, 2ndVote has collected and analyzed values-centric data for over ten years. We have the analytics and the insights to help you make the operational changes you require to achieve true value alignment.

Our process is simple – at least in concept. We meet with your team leaders, subject matter experts, and front-line workers to capture critical insights into the defined standards and the actual environment, then we conduct a thorough assessment of your philanthropy, advocacy and policies for their alignment to your values. We come back with a comprehensive Values Alignment Leadership Unified Engagement plan.

The VALUE Plan will include specific recommendations for changes you should consider to better align with your values. We then re-evaluate after 90 days and at 1 year to measure your engagement success.

2V Values Analytics

Values-Centered Analytics


You most likely have a mission statement and a vision statement – the much-avowed trophy that defines who you ascribe to be, but do you know your core values? Are your core values embedded in your daily operations? Values can be defined in many ways. Experience shows that core values can and should be key drivers to all you do. Whether your values are strictly financial, strictly service centered, or more broadly about profiting stakeholders in the process of delivering goods and services, your values define you.

Since the Industrial Age, corporations have created methods, tools, and processes to improve what they do and how they do it. More recently, leaders of industry have focused on intrinsic values, teamwork, and the integration of value of their corporate culture and their deliverables.

2V Analytics helps you assess the current state of your core values and how they align with your current operations, vendor and partner relationships, and client services.