2ndVote’s 2018 “Corporate Chicanery” Awards: United Way’s Abortion Two-Step

2ndVote’s 2018 “Corporate Chicanery” Awards: United Way’s Abortion Two-Step

With the end of 2018 on the horizon, 2ndVote is giving our first annual “Corporate Chicanery” awards. These awards are given to the corporations who went most out of their way to spend your dollars to attack 2ndVote values throughout the year.

The first “winner” is United Way. This is a group which is most known for helping families and children. However, 2ndVote exposed earlier this year that 62 United Way chapters sent $2.7 million to Planned Parenthood in 2016—enough money for 2,901 abortions.

Rather than take responsibility for its chapters, United Way dodged. From our press release issued in August:

In addition to claiming that dozens of chapters count as “only a small number,” United Way embraced Planned Parenthood’s defense of its practices by claiming dollars sent to the abortion giant include “counseling services” and “family planning.”

“First and foremost, Planned Parenthood is an abortion business,” said 2ndVote Executive Director Robert Kuykendall. “At an estimated $950 per abortion, United Way’s $2.7 million effectively paid for 2,901 out of Planned Parenthood’s 321,384  abortions in 2016. This shameful support for ending innocent lives is a clear violation of United Way’s mission statement, which says United Way ‘improves lives…to advance the common good.’ ”

Even worse, United Way stealth-edited its statement after 2ndVote called them out:

United Way Worldwide has quietly deleted a critical part of its defense of donations to Planned Parenthood after a coalition of pro-life leaders led by 2ndVote blasted the organization for funding the abortion industry.

Previously, United Way’s statement claimed “only a small number” of its affiliates directly donated Planned Parenthood. However, 2ndVote’s research found United Ways donated over $2.7 million to Planned Parenthood organizations in 2016—the equivalent cost of 2,901 abortions.

Last week, 2ndVote and its pro-life allies launched a multimedia campaign asking if 2,901 was “only a small number” in regards to the lives lost to abortion. As of earlier this week, United Way Worldwide had removed the “only a small number” defense from the statement on its website.

United Way’s dishonest dodge and subsequent stealth-editing is an extreme violation of their mission statement “to advance the common good.”

As such, they have received the first of 2ndVote’s 2018 “Corporate Chicanery” awards.

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