4th of July is here!

Independence Day is tomorrow, and the spectacle of red, white and blue activities will be in full force.

The Fourth of July is always a great time to get together with family and friends and watch rockets light up the night sky. The nation will be abuzz with fireworks, festivities and food, so don’t forget about 2nd Vote when you’re looking for more conservative alternatives to shop with.

If you’re celebrating America’s 238th birthday with friends and family, you’ll probably be spending some money on the food and fun. 2nd Vote has compiled a list of conservative options to choose from when shopping for your holiday festivities.

2nd Vote Scores:

Grocery Stores for the BBQ fixings:
Schnucks – 3
Trader Joes – 3
Meijer – 2.8

Lawn chairs and coolers to relax and 
watch a fireworks show:
Dick’s Sporting Goods – 3
Bass pro – 3.5

Ice Cream, because what better reason to treat yourself:
Baskin’ Robins – 2.5
Blue Bell – 3

The best Fourth fashion:
Eddie Bauer – 3
Sears – 2.5
Kohls – 2.8

Travelling to the beach for sun, surf and patriotism:
Chevron – 2.5
Murphy Oil – 3.7
Valero – 2.3
Express Jet – 3
Hyatt – 2.5
Hilton – 2.3

And last but not least, for the inevitable road trip trouble:
AAA – 2.3