A Joyous Day at 2ndVote

A Joyous Day at 2ndVote

Friday, June 24, 2022, was a joyous day.  No, it wasn’t just any Friday.  It was the Friday that ended Roe V. Wade.  While it doesn’t come close to ending abortion, it will likely save a few lives.  We at 2ndVote were so excited that if we’d had an office, we’d no doubt have been unable to get any work done the rest of the day due to a party of epic proportions.  Who knows, perhaps in our own virtual worlds, we still didn’t get any work done. (Please don’t tell the boss.)

And the loony leftists went apoplectic.  We hope they don’t get strokes, heart attacks, or commit suicide, not to mention harm someone else.  Lord knows, they’ve harmed enough people already the last fifty years, a significant number of whom probably would have been loony leftists themselves.

The abortion debate is far from over, and we who value life must keep our powder dry.  Here are some tips for dealing with the sinners who will continue to argue with us:

  1. First, stop calling them pro-choice.  The term was invented by them to make murder sound palatable.  We’ll admit the left is good at inventing terms to soften the cruelty of what they stand for.  Let’s call them pro-abortion.  When Bill Clinton said he wanted to make abortion “safe, legal, and rare,” we at least celebrated the “rare” part, though he didn’t; really take any steps to make it rare.  Today the left wants abortion to be “safe, legal, and frequent.”  So, call them whatever you want but don’t call them pro-choice.
  2. Whenever someone tells you that they trust a woman to make the right decision about what is best for her body, get ready to win the argument.  Ask them if they still trust her when she’s about to swallow a bottle of aspirin or jump off a bridge.  Show them a picture of a woman who is intentionally starving herself and ask if they still trust her to know what’s best for her body.  If they get all huffy and say that it’s her right to kill herself or starve herself, ask them would they just let it go if it were one of their closest loved ones.
  3. When they tell you that most Americans favor Roe v. Wade, tell them that most Americans, including a high percentage of registered Democrats, do not favor abortion on demand.  They are against murdering a fetus when it is 99.9 % through the birth canal and a lot earlier.  The reality is likely to be that most Americans think of aborting a fetus as removing an amorphous blob, when in fact it involves ripping off arms, legs, and heads. And if it’s too far along to do it that way, they poison it.  Either way, it’s gruesome and ranks right up there with what the Nazis did.  Most Americans aren’t aware of that when they answer these poll questions.
  4. When they tell you that most major countries have much easier access to abortion, tell them that most major countries have severe restrictions on how far during the pregnancy abortion is permitted.  We’re the outliers, right up there with China, North Korea, and Vietnam.  Now, is that a group we really want to be in?
  5. When someone who perhaps might support only abortion in the first eight weeks or so tells you that it isn’t a life at that point, tell them this.  Imagine a spaceship returning from a long journey with an embryo it found in outer space.  It would be the biggest news story in history.  The headlines would say “Life found in outer space” or “We are not alone.”  
  6. When they say, “Do you really want the government inside our bodies,” remind them that we have been letting the government inside our bodies ever since we’ve had government.  It regulates every pharmaceutical, every medical procedure, and every food item.  You can’t go to a gym and do something to help your body unless the government has approved the gym.  You cannot grow your own food because the things you need to grow the food are regulated.  We let the government order us to take a worthless vaccine and wear porous cloth over our faces by making it virtually impossible to travel, enter a government building, or serve our country in the military.  The government has always been inside our bodies and always will be.  (Doesn’t that make you want to go to the bathroom?)
  7. What about cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother’s life?  Less than 1% of all abortions are due to rape and an even smaller percentage are due to incest.  Even the strongest pro-lifers might reasonably allow an exception in such cases.  As for danger to the mother’s life, also uncommon, the law has always permitted the taking of a life to save a life.  You can shoot someone who’s trying to shoot someone.  But the point here is that we never make a law that affects a large group based on what happens to only a tiny fraction of that group.
  8. And finally, when your adversary responds to your arguments with “But that’s not the point,” you can celebrate.  The debate is over.  You won.  “That’s not the point” is what loony leftists say when they’ve painted themselves into a corner, see that their points fall like water through a sieve, and they can think of nothing else.


Carry on soldiers.  The war has just begun. God bless.

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