A Recap from 2ndVote on Charlie Kirk’s Podcast!

A Recap from 2ndVote on Charlie Kirk’s Podcast!

For the last eight years, 2ndVote has fought to protect America’s traditional values by encouraging conservatives to use our “second vote” – the money each of us spends on food, vacations, movies, and more – as a means to push back against corporate politics. We’ve led the charge against United Way (2.33) chapters funding abortion, Target’s (1.50) assault on women’s privacy, and more.

During those eight years, corporate politics became corporate wokeness, which itself became corporate tyranny. And nowhere is that more evident than in Texas, where corporations like Lyft (1.00), Uber (1.00), and Salesforce (2.07) are teaming up to help the abortion industry continue its destruction of women, children, and fathers. 

You know by now that Texas’ creative pro-life law is being opposed by the abortion industry. But as 2ndVote co-founder Dr. David Black and former Rep. Diane Black told Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk on his popular podcast this past weekend, corporations are getting their marching orders from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and their allies.

We covered Lyft’s shameful funding of transportation of women who want to get abortions, and GoDaddy taking down a pro-life group’s website. Dating sites Bumble and Match – hardly known for high relationship standards – started a relief fund. And it’s only getting worse because these companies know the press’ cheerleading won’t be countered by effective pro-life responses. But Salesforce, one of the world’s leading sales technology firms, has gone on record offering to relocate employees who fear the Texas law will interfere with their ability to abort their children.

In their discussion, the Blacks, Charlie, and Andrew expanded on news surrounding Salesforce and the statement that came out regarding relocation in response to the Texas abortion law. Here’s how Charlie’s producer, Andrew, summarized the situation:

 “…the point being, this is such a reveal by the woke corporates [like Salesforce] that they would be willing to take shareholder value away from their shareholders to relocate their employees.” 

That is what these companies are doing. They are using YOUR hard earned money for whatever woke agenda they think will land well with their leftist audience. 

It’s time to change that. Christian dating sites like CatholicMatch offer an ethical alternative to Bumble and Match, where hook-ups and one-night stands are given the thumbs-up. How many abortions have these sites accidentally facilitated – and now are purposely facilitating? How many rides have Lyft and Uber rides given to women getting abortions…and now they are getting official corporate support?

The Blacks told Kirk the solution is investing and spending your daily dollar with companies that are positively impacting our nation and its values. Use 2ndVote to learn more about these companies, use your voice to thank those that are doing right in representing America and call out those that are wrapped up in this woke corporate haze.  It’s time for Americans to take our country back from the brink, and it starts with sending our “second vote” to companies which support our values. Look up company scores with this link here!