Abortion: The Ultimate Sin Against Humanity

Abortion: The Ultimate Sin Against Humanity

Last week’s national March for Life was amazing. Tens of thousands of people – if you believe the mainstream media’s downplaying of the nation’s largest annual civil rights gathering – came to Washington, D.C. to create a culture of life. In Chicago, San Francisco, and elsewhere, pro-life advocates showed their support for the unborn killed by abortion and the families ruined by this ultimate sin.

We wrote last week about the pernicious racism associated with abortion. This alone should scare corporations from sending tens of millions of dollars to support it. However, there are many other reasons to oppose abortion and its leading promoter, Planned Parenthood:

  • Abortion is sexist. It targets boys and girls in the womb but denies only women the right to have their bodies be used as God designed them. And it is Planned Parenthood which apparently thinks that white women only oppose abortion because men force them to.
  • Abortion, sometimes, takes place to hide sexual assault. On a practical level, this means Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups put money ahead of protecting women from predators. It also gives predators a “get out of jail free” card by preventing them from being responsible for the children they created.
  • Planned Parenthood breaks the law. In addition to not reporting sexual assault, the group was busted for committing illegal abortions to make illegal profits off of baby body parts.

Every day, corporations enable Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. They use your money to hurt women and children. They deny millions of people their rights to life and liberty.

Last week, you marched and walked for life. Thank you. Now let’s take our 2ndVote passion into the next level of action and demand that Bank of America, United Way chapters, and other Planned Parenthood enablers put their money where your mouth is – into acting as politically neutral organizations providing products and services, not leftist partisans.