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Following the release of videos appearing to show Planned Parenthood executives discussing the practice of harvesting, and then selling, tissues and body parts from aborted babies, The Daily Signal published an article featuring 2nd Vote’s research on the corporations and organizations that help fund Planned Parenthood. Within hours, three companies — Xerox, Ford and Coca-Cola — responded by telling The Daily Signal that they did not participate in employee gift matching programs with Planned Parenthood and requested that their names be removed from a Planned Parenthood website indicating their support.

We celebrate the opportunity to set the record straight as 2nd Vote is dedicated to providing you the resources to hold companies accountable with your dollars.

Your 2nd Vote membership makes our voice stronger as we continue to reach out to companies and urge them to cut their ties with groups pushing the liberal agenda. We need your help reaching the companies still supporting Planned Parenthood.

By signing our CitizenGo petition, you can help us ask the leaders of 38 more companies and non-profit organizations to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

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2nd Vote Planned Parenthood Resource Page

The Daily Signal: Planned Parenthood Pulls Names of Corporate Donors

ICYMI: United Way Resource Page

Last week, 2nd Vote released the results of our latest research project on our United Way Resource Page. Our investigation found that 68 United Way affiliates make contributions to Planned Parenthood according to the latest available IRS filings.

Please use this guide to make sure your charitable giving reflects your Pro-Life values.

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