Example #456912: You Can Never Please “Woke” Keyboard Warriors

Example #456912: You Can Never Please “Woke” Keyboard Warriors

Amazon (1.3) CEO Jeff Bezos runs a very left-leaning organization. Amazon ranks a “1” in almost all of 2ndVote’s issues due to their support for abortion, climate change advocacy, and other left-leaning political, policy, and cultural priorities.

But you wouldn’t have known it from the woke Twitter (2.1) crowd last week. Mediaite discovered that many people thought that Amazon’s donation of $690,000 to help people affected by the Australia wildfires just wasn’t generous enough. ABC reported the same.

Many critics focused on Bezos’ personal wealth. These keyboard warriors thought that Bezos, the richest person in the world, means that he should have donated more. Of course, “more” is not well-defined. Would $690,001 make them happy? Does Bezos’ recent $98.5 million donation to fight homelessness count?

We aren’t here to defend Bezos or Amazon. However, we will continue to tell corporate America that you can never bow and scrape enough to leftists. They will always find a way to say that you’re not good enough because some new, ill-defined definition of “good enough” will come into play.

The most famous case of this is Starbucks (1.1) closing its stores, for racial-bias education, after the alleged racial incident in Philadelphia. Starbucks is among the most leftist corporations in America, yet a single questionable incident brought the hammer of righteousness down on its head. Another example is how Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was shamed into apologizing for Tweeting favorably about Chick-fil-A during “Pride Month.”

Corporations can never be “woke” enough for Twitter tantrums. It’s time for them to stop trying and instead focus on providing great products and/or services to customers.