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Amazon Prime Day Snags: Another Reason to Make the Switch

Last week, we highlighted Overstock.com shoppers looking for a better alternative to Amazon. That was because Amazon is a bastion of left-wing activism, whereas Overstock appears to be largely politically neutral while still providing solid service.

As of yesterday, there’s another reason to avoid Amazon — its “Prime Day” became “Fail Day.”

From The Associated Press:

Amazon’s website ran into some early snags Monday on its much-hyped Prime Day, an embarrassment for the tech company on the shopping holiday it created.

Shoppers clicking on many Prime Day links after the 3 p.m. ET launch in the U.S. got only images of dogs — some quite abashed-looking — with the words, “Uh-oh. Something went wrong on our end.” People took to social media to complain that they couldn’t order items.

As one person on Twitter put it:

Amazon has told The AP that it fixed the site and that things were clear sailing after a couple of hours. “Prime Day” ends later today, but the glitch is a good reminder that another, more moral option exists for your online shopping needs — one that that won’t make the 2013 Obamacare rollout look successful.

According to our research, Overstock.com engages in no political activism. It just sells you stuff that you want to buy. Overstock also supplies firearm accessories — without the anti-Second Amendment virtue signaling we’ve outlined in prior posts about Amazon. And Overstock is neutral on all other issues which 2ndVote examined.

Avoid the “Prime Day” snags. Shop Overstock.com. And let Amazon know that your second vote dollars won’t support abortion, so-called SOGI accommodation mandates, climate change activism, and the rest of the totalitarian leftism which Amazon has bought into.

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  • hdtex

    I find it so funny when Christofascist groups that advocate fascism screech against totalitarianism

    • Robert Matthews

      Nothing on this page is fascist. You need educated.

    • Top Gun

      Please do, give us your reasoned and obviously well researched definition of “Christofascist”….we await with baited breath.

    • Landostillfree

      You don’t even know what fascism is. Look up Giovanni Gentile the father of fascism and you will find that he believed that the will of the state is greater and more important then that of the individual. In other words fascism is based in socialism and the power of the state to rule our lives, where as conservatives believe in the rights of the individual. It sure sounds like what the left in America is promoting. Are you ignorant or just deliberately ignorant to further you cause. So you are either being used or are a liar.

    • Col. Military Intel.✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      What’s “Christofascism”?

    • angrywhiteman✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ


      What’s “Christofascism”?

      as Colonel asked…..

      another day another TDS infested libtard…….

    • angrywhiteman✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ
  • Dee

    Overtsock is owned by a guy who wants to use taxpayers money to provide vouchers for rich private school. I suspect the reason why this site is advertising for overstock is because of money. It all comes down to greedy. Sorry then u are no better than Amazon.

    • Cliff Spectre

      You are projecting. Leftist have that trait in common. They call people greedy when they are greedy. They call people racist when they are racist and so on. You have no proof of your statement regarding the reason for promoting Overstock but your gut instinct is what would motivate you, so you project it on to them.

      • Dee

        I can only see you trying to distract others from the truth. You’re scared of it and we get it.
        The rightist has been using the same MO tactic from day one because you want to distract attention from the truth.
        What you just said can be applied to this very article itself. Thanks for proving to us how biased you’re and how you’re projecting your own insecurities here.
        We see through you.

    • paintinc56

      Since property owners are taxed out the a $$ so ILLEGAL alien kids can go to communist indoctrination camp to learn to vote Democrat, to have our kids exposed to po rn/se x education & have teachers who are so STUPID & uneducated that they mispronounce words, teach revisionist history & attack conservative, Christian & Republican students WE, the middle class TAXPAYERS & property owners, have EVERY RIGHT to take OUR TAX MONEY & use it to put our children in private school.

      Now crawl back to motherfv cker jones, you utterly brain dead, pathetic, lying leftist useful idiot, where your regurgitated leftist propaganda is lapped up like a dog eating its own vomit.

      • Dee

        All i see is an uneducated lapdog for a corrupted traitor Trump. Congrats on being a traitor.
        I pay my taxes and i disagreed on using my tax money on unsupervised private schools. I’m not a sheep like you.

    • Ignominious

      You apparently no nothing of vouchers. They simply allow parents a choice of where THEIR tax dollars are spent for their children. They’ve already been successfully implemented in many places. DC was using them to help poor students get out of the failed government system until more socialists came to power and put them back into the failure cycle.