Amazon Web Services Censors Parler, Leaves Leftist Vendors Untouched {Issue: 1st Amendment)

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Amazon Web Services Censors Parler, Leaves Leftist Vendors Untouched {Issue: 1st Amendment)

Following the January 6th Capitol attacks and social media’s censorship of President Trump, Amazon Web Services (AWS) just suspended Parler, the free speech social media alternative. Fortunately, Parler’s lawsuit means they won’t go down without a fight.

Many conservatives are readily accusing AWS of censoring conservative ideas, but a quick look at Parler’s actual content reveals they’re far from innocent. Death threats overran the platform in recent weeks, along with people planning acts of violent terrorism such as the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Parler’s current state is hardly a good alternative to Big Tech.

While AWSwanting to hold Parler accountable for terrorist content isn’t inherently a problem, AWS’s refusal to do the same to their leftist Big Tech vendors such as Facebook is blatant hypocrisy when literal terrorist organizations like ISIS maintain active recruitment profiles. Conservatives are censored simply for sharing non-violent “misinformation” — but death threats against those same conservatives are ignored by real people at Facebook. And in July 2019, Facebook briefly allowed a “list of dangerous people” (all conservatives) to have violence incited against them on the platform. The rule was only retracted due to backlash.

And on Twitter, even Iran’s terrorist leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is allowed more freedom of speech than conservatives. His messages, which include calling Israel “a deadly, cancerous growth” and supporting groups “who oppose…the Zionist regime,” are up on Twitter to this day. Apparently, Twitter doesn’t have an issue with threats of genocide except when they’re said by conservatives.

We at 2ndVote oppose threats of violence and terrorism whether from those using conservative platforms such as Parler or from leftist users on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The right to free speech and safety are universal. Unfortunately, Big Tech platforms only allow leftists to exercise those rights, while suppressing everyone else. We here at 2ndVote are doing our due diligence to find a platform that truly represents free speech so conservatives can ditch Big Tech without losing access to the communication that is the heartbeat of America.