Amazon’s Support for Abortion Will Make You Want to Buy Christmas Gifts at This Online Retailer Instead

As your Christmas shopping ramps up, you may be tempted to use Amazon for your online needs. Did you know that you have a better option? gets the 2ndVote endorsement for your online Christmas shopping needs.

We’ve explained our support for before. The short version is that they focus on you, the customer, instead of a left-wing agenda.

Contrast this with Amazon, which is terrible on life, marriage, religious liberty, and the Second Amendment. Amazon’s worst sin against 2ndVote shoppers may be its claim that bakers must participate in same-sex wedding. Amazon went so far as to write an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of this unconstitutional concept.

Amazon is just as bad on abortion. It contributes to the Population Council, which promotes abortion across the world. According to its website, the Population Council supports “a global network of offices in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.”

Finally, Amazon backs the disaster known as the Paris Climate Agreement. Even as President Donald Trump correctly removed America from its expensive and inefficient requirements, Amazon doubled down in favor.

Every dollar that a 2ndVote Christmas shopper sends to Amazon funds a left-wing agenda. Spending your money at means that you’ll be supporting your values while getting the best online gift for your loved one(s).

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