America’s Newest Large Bank is Being “Truist” to Our Nation’s Values During the Pandemic

Truist Bank Sign

America’s Newest Large Bank is Being “Truist” to Our Nation’s Values During the Pandemic

Last year, SunTrust (2.14) and BB&T (2.14) merged to create Truist, America’s sixth-largest bank. We raised concerns about each firm’s “liberal-leaning” 2ndVote rankings, but also optimism that 2ndVote Americans could push Truist in the right direction.

While there is no evidence that Truist has changed its ways yet, we want to point you to some of the good they are doing during the pandemic – good for medical workers, those devastated by the pandemic-related economic crisis, and Truist’s employees.

  • $1 million to the CDC Foundation and Johns Hopkins Medicine through the Truist Charitable Fund. This money will help provide medical support, including supplies.
  • $7 million to United Way chapters to help the local poor.
  • $17 million to organizations which serve the elderly, the working poor, and children in low-income homes. Some of this money will also go to tech-based programs and initiatives.
  • New paid time off for Truist employees, increased family care benefits, and pre-tax bonuses for staff making under $100,000 annually.

Truist is doing other good things, but we wanted to highlight these four areas because of the breadth and depth of what America’s newest large bank is doing for those struggling due to no fault of their own. And while we urge the company to make sure its money isn’t funding abortion-backing United Way chapters, we applaud Truist for putting others before company profits.

As the pandemic continues, be sure to drop Truist a note. Thank them for the good they are doing, and urge them to do even more for customers and staff by pulling out of politics and focusing on providing great service and products. 

This post is part of 2ndVote’s coverage of business charity during the COVID-19 public health, social, and economic crises. We are highlighting companies large and small which are doing their part to help their communities.