Lands’ End Features Pro-Abortion Advocate Gloria Steinem in Spring/Easter Catalog


The Stream released an article today about the interview of pro-abortion activist Gloria Steinem in the Spring Issue of the famed Lands’ End catalog along with the seasonal Easter imagery.

The Stream asked 2nd Vote about the way social conservatives would react to this mixed messaging:

Robert Kuykendall, National Outreach Director for watchdog 2nd Vote, said that it was “disappointing that Lands’ End would try to revive its brand by glorifying someone like Gloria Steinem, who has made a career undermining the value of life. 2nd Vote’s research has shown that Lands’ End has remained relatively neutral on matters of policy since the company was spun off from Sears Holdings.”

“However, releasing a catalog that celebrates Easter, and the new hope presented by the meaning of the holiday, while simultaneously launching an initiative to support Steinem’s pro-abortion ERA Coalition is incredibly tone-deaf,” said Kuykendall.

“Ironically, recent media reports suggest that CEO Frederica Marchionni, the writer of the article, is seeking ‘to bring younger customers to the brand.’ Perhaps Marchionni should pay more attention to polling that indicates Millenials hold stronger pro-life views than previous generations, and [she should] realize that social conservatives and people of faith don’t want their shopping dollars to fund pro-abortion advocacy.”

You can read the article in its entirety here.

Also, follow the link to seen 2nd Vote’s score for Lands’ End on the issues.