Angie’s List CEO Continues Grandstanding for Liberal, Anti-Religious Freedom Agenda

Even as the Indiana Legislature succombs to liberal, anti-religious freedom pressure, Angie’s List CEO Bill Oesterle shows exactly how this radical movement is unwilling to compromise.

Oesterle responded to Indiana’s RFRA revisions calling them “insufficient” even though the new ‘fixes’ would explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity under the new law.

2nd Vote is calling conservatives to ask the the Angie’s List CEO the following question:

In light of the continued public confronation instigated by the leadership of Angie’s List, does Angie’s List still welcome the business of customers who support RFRA?  If not, please say so, so customers can find alternatives.

2nd Vote finds it concerning that Oesterle continues to push the false narrative and misinformation about Indiana’s RFRA. , especially when companies like Ely Lilly and have endorsed the revisions made by the Indiana legislature.

Conservatives should contact Oesterle and tell him to stop spreading false information about RFRA laws and hold Angie’s List accountable for the blatant falsehoods the CEO is making about religious liberty in Indiana. Oesterle’s can be emailed through his bio page here or you can copy his email address: