“Baby Killers”: Then and Now

“Baby Killers”: Then and Now

Thoughts on “Life” hypocrisy

By David L. Black, Ph.D., Founder of 2ndVote

After 13 months in Vietnam I flew out of Danang on July 4, 1969. Every day of my 13 months had been spent under rocket attack and small arms fire. As a fixed position the Marines in Danang were a sitting target for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese who nightly attacked the base. The reality of war was a daily experience, but nothing was more profound than the caskets of dead American patriots awaiting transfer back to the “States”. During my time in Vietnam as many as 600 men a week might be killed defending South Vietnam and American foreign policy. During my time I served with men of character and values, and men who displayed great dignity and valor. I never witnessed a GI commit an atrocity against South Vietnamese civilians or military.

The image of the American GI in Vietnam was principally painted and stained by two people: Jane Fonda and John Kerry. They impugned the reputation of over 9 million American servicemen and women, who honorably served, as “baby killers” and agents of atrocities. For personal gain these two “media stars” indelibly scarred each and every honorably serving American patriot, both those who survived and those who did not. Fonda, Kerry and the media would create the “fake character” of the average Vietnam veteran as uneducated, minority, conscripted and an unrestrained killer. As a result, the returning Vietnam vet hoped for silence at best, or feared at the worst to be subjected to protests and condemnation with the famous epitaph “baby killer”.

Recently I had the surreal experience of once again hearing the protests of those who wish to paint our patriots and country as something it is not. During a college event at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) a Congressman was subjected to harassment by those who support Planned Parenthood. The several hundred protestors were determined to insult, disrespect and intimidate.  The scene was reminiscent of the reception received by veteran’s returning home from Vietnam so long ago. Listening to the jeers and sneers of those who advocate for abortion as a “right”, I was struck by the irony of having once been called a “baby killer” and now hearing the same type of disrespect and harassment by those who demand the right to kill a baby in the womb! As a doctor who received degrees in the life sciences I am well aware that science testifies that “Life” begins with conception and the life in the womb of every pregnant woman is a baby. Even the ancient Greeks knew this to true as the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians since 400 years before the birth of Christ forbade performing an abortion–until it was changed in 1964.

Amazingly, today’s protestors are much the same as those that condemned the returning Vietnam vet. That such is the case could not be clearer, and for me as a Vietnam veteran that truth literally screamed at me during the MTSU protest.

The protestor of today shares in common with yesterday’s protestor the intentional ignorance of reason and fact. Many guide their lives by reading news “headlines” without pursuing the informative details that reveal the truth underlying the emotional hype of the media or activists groups. To others it appears that protesting alone provides self-fulfillment. Perhaps it is comforting to the protestors that difficult issues are best understood by emotions rather than reason. We have a growing “Dopamine Dupes” population that acts solely on emotion. “Dopamine” is that feel good natural brain chemical that nourishes selfishness and addiction. And that is ultimately the path to destruction of reason, civility, respect, dignity which has long defined the American character. That we might allow such unreasoned emotion to overwhelm or overrule either our votes or the law is to allow tyranny. I pray the great majority of good Americans will reject those who scream to demean or insult to intimidate to get their way. We are so much better as a people, family and community than what has been defined by Fonda or Kerry or the crowds of protestors that are glorified by the media. Let us not allow those who scream insults and profanities define who we are. America, our Republic, is so much better than what they say we are.

David L. Black, Ph.D., is the founder and Chairman of 2ndVote, the conservative watchdog for corporate activism. Dr. Black served in combat with the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam (1968-69).