Bank of America Embraces Decidedly Anti-American Values {Issue: Basic Freedoms}

Bank of America Corp

Bank of America Embraces Decidedly Anti-American Values {Issue: Basic Freedoms}

One hundred years ago, it was a dark reality that virtually every American institution supported segregation between white people and minorities. Even the pinnacle of progressivism, President Woodrow Wilson, was a known segregationist, saying, “Segregation is not humiliating, but a benefit, and ought to be regarded as such.”

Most of us probably thought we’ve stripped off these backward views and have steadily become a racially equal society living up to America’s founding values. But today, under the guise of critical race theory (CRT), major institutions are reinvigorating racial separation and divisive rhetoric.

One of these institutions is Bank of America. Last week, Christopher Rufo in City Journal reported that America’s second-largest bank is embracing CRT with its “equity initiative.” The initiative’s employee training program demolishes racial equality by lumping white people together as a collective with “limited imagination,” one that “experiences fear… or shame” for contributing “to racial tension, hatred, and violence.” Emphasizing the collective over individual diversity is fundamentally Marxist, and to generalize by race like this is fundamentally racist, yet Bank of America is explicitly doing both.

As the bank rams its ideology down its employees’ throats, there has not been an ounce of “tolerance” for contradiction or critical thought. Employees are instructed, “Decolonize your mind” and just “accept that white supremacy and institutional racism are real.” Prohibiting dissent, even discussion, would be welcome in Communist China, but in the Land of the Free?

Despite coming under fire last week for these racializing trainings, Bank of America has not returned requests for comment. They did, however, double down a few months ago, increasing this “equity” initiative from a four-year, $1 billion plan to five years at $1.25 billion.

It’s time for Bank of America, which rightly scores 1.00 from 2ndVote, to learn how Americans feel about their racializing, Marxist rhetoric. Support financial companies like Goldman Sachs instead, which isn’t perfect but scores much higher at 3.87. Then, contact Bank of America today and tell them they must live up to their name: a bank that is “of America,” supporting values of equality and freedom.