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Barbasol Doesn’t Make the Cut

As we continue to trim down the list of good alternatives for Gillette, and now Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, we turn our focus to Barbasol. Primarily known for its shaving cream product, Barbasol has recently launched a new line of razors and a monthly subscription-based service for consumers.

Headquartered in Ashland, Ohio, Barbasol focuses its charitable efforts around its surrounding community and elsewhere throughout the state.

All of this sounds great so far, but 2ndVote uncovered a major contradiction within Barbasol’s giving guidelines.

The Barbasol Foundation claims:

“Supporting charitable organizations, specifically those focused on children, is the main objective of Perio [Barbasol’s parent company].”

As pro-life advocates, we are in full support of helping children. However, we have a hard time understanding Barbasol’s stance on charitable giving because the YWCA is listed as one of their grant recipients. The YWCA is an organization that has a history of being pro-abortion.

And if their own advocacy for abortion wasn’t enough, the YWCA of Columbus, Ohio — the chapter that received the grant — was a key supporter of this year’s Women’s March Ohio. There are a number of issues that the Women’s March parades around for, but chief among them is: “open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion…for all people.”

With that kind of contribution, how are we supposed to believe that Barbasol wants to help improve the lives of “disadvantaged” children? When, in reality, they’re helping fund the organizations that advocate for taking away every advantage millions of unborn children could possibly have.

It’s unclear what kind of stance Barbasol is trying to take when it comes to helping kids, but one thing is clear to us: Barbasol doesn’t make the cut.

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