Basic Freedoms Criteria Update

Basic Freedoms Criteria Update

In an effort to provide clarity to the true scope of our research within the Basic Freedoms issue, 2ndVote research has expanded the definition as the frequency and variety of ways our basic freedoms remain the object of attack by the woke left.

Previously, the Basic Freedoms qualifications for scoring mainly focused on “actions like censorship of individuals such as conservative public figures, forced indoctrination of views inconsistent with religious beliefs, censorship of the conservative press, and support for violent protests”. 

While those actions largely cover the previous attacks on our basic freedoms, we believe our updated qualifications better cover the relevant areas the woke left is aiming to battle now.

The following are just a few of the clarifications made in the new definition:

  1. Inclusion of the Declaration of Independence’s “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and the fourth and fifth Amendments as they include “life, liberty, and property” 
  2. Noting that censorship and “cancellation” of an individual are actions corporations and organizations should also be held accountable for
  3. Adding the various forms of censorship these companies should be held accountable for
  4. Observing the attitude in which a company prioritizes or even recognizes about property rights and its foundational importance within our society
  5. Analyzing promoted training programs within organizations that runs counter to our basic freedoms and history as a “melting pot” country 

We hope this definition provides some transparency as to how our researchers have been analyzing and accurately scoring companies. 

If you have any further questions, please email and we would be happy to assist you.