Be Joyful – Jesus Is Coming, and We Shall Be Victorious

Be Joyful – Jesus Is Coming, and We Shall Be Victorious

The COVID-19  pandemic has impacted all aspects of American society. Millions are out of work, church services are live streaming only or canceled altogether, and people are genuinely scared to be out in public.

To make things worse, militant leftism is pushing for abortions to be considered “essential” — meaning that killing the unborn and hurting mothers and fathers can continue! 

Many are despairing. But things looked even worse on the first Good Friday when Christ was hung from a cross and died. Just as Christ victoriously rose from the dead three days later to destroy sin, 2ndVote Americans can too be victorious in fighting for our nation’s traditional values.

We urge you to defend American values by first taking care of your family. Second, stand up for our rights if politicians and militant leftists try to take them away during the COVID-19 crisis. Third, always remember that God is in control.

A final way we ask you to defend America is to help 2ndVote create a culture where corporations stay out of politics.

There are three ways you can do this: 

  1. Become a 2ndVote member. For $10 per month you can see the individual scores on each of our 7 issues, so you know which companies align with your conservative values. Need to know more details? Join 2ndVote Investor’s Council. For $100 per month, you will get access to the full details of every corporation and non-profit which we score – where they send your consumer dollars, what causes they support, etc. 

  2. Share our posts on social media. Let your family and friends know that they are not alone in stopping the march to socialism. 

  3. Pray. Every day, pray that God leads America on the path He desires for our great nation.

Thank you for everything you do for America. Keep up the great fight, and we’ll see that follows Christ’s example of never giving up.