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Ben & Jerry’s Just Reminded Everyone How Much They Hate Conservative Values

Ben & Jerry’s is one of America’s most iconic and successful ice cream companies. They’ve thrived thanks to America being the Land of Opportunity.

It’s too bad that Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t respect American values as much as it likes Americans’ money. Via USA TODAY:

Ben & Jerry’s is launching a new flavor, Pecan Resist, which the company made to promote activism in the U.S.

The Limited Batch flavor – chocolate ice cream with white and dark fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts and fudge-covered almonds – is part of the company’s campaign to “lick injustice and champion those fighting to create a more just and equitable nation for us all,” it said Tuesday.

Ben & Jerry’s is donating $25,000 to each of four organizations working on behalf of people of color, Native Americans’ environmental justice and women – Color Of Change, Honor the Earth, Women’s March and Neta.

This most recent political activism is the norm for the left-wing company and its parent corporation:

The Burlington, Vermont-based business is using the new flavor to criticize some of President Donald Trump’s recent pronouncements.

“The company cannot be silent in the face of President Trump’s policies that attack and attempt to roll back decades of progress on racial and gender equity, climate change, LGBTQ rights and refugee and immigrant rights – all issues that have been at the core of the company’s social mission for 40 years,” Ben & Jerry’s said in a statement.


Ben & Jerry’s, which Unilever acquired in 2000, has used its sweet treats to promote its social justice agenda before. For example, Chubby Hubby became Hubby Hubby in 2009 to celebrate same sex marriage in Vermont, Chocolate Fudge Brownie was temporarily renamed Food Fight Fudge Brownie to support GMO labeling and EmpowerMint in 2016 was used to promote voting rights, the company said.

Ben & Jerry’s sounds as unhinged as the paid mob which was beating on the Supreme Court’s doors earlier this month. The fact that the ice cream company is donating to discredited groups like Women’s March is disturbing. Clearly, left-wing activism means more than truth, traditional American values, and engaging in an honest debate about America’s future.

The good news is that you can hold them accountable by shopping elsewhere. Give your money to ice cream companies which respect your values. Three companies which 2ndVote ranks as “neutral” on all of our issues are Blue Bell, Blue Bunny, and Cold Stone Creamery. These companies focus on your customer needs, not the newest left-wing nuttery.

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  • TomSJr

    We don’t need no stinkin’ Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. THIS IS AMERICA. Competition is so GOOD. Buh, bye Ben & Jerry’s. There are so many more CONSERVATIVES in this country than liberals. YOU LOSE AND WE HAVE PROVEN IT WITH ELECTING PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.

  • james pence
  • PatriotGal

    The original owners, Ben & Jerry attended Oberlin College, OH, years ago known as the most liberal college in the USA. If it hasn’t changed it is far more left than Berkley. Went to their store in Naples, FL, and realized just what they support. Never went back and have never bought B&J again.

  • Sunnydaze

    Never had it, never will!!

  • Denise

    Found out years ago how far left these hypocrites are. Being an ice cream fanatic to the core I found our Colorado City Market “Private Selections” ice cream is equal to or superior to even Baskin Robbins and others who seem to charge by the ounce. Often the market brand is on sale…hey…ice cream is necessary for survival! A wot?

  • WhoHasMyChange

    Tried B&J’s ice cream once, it was ‘meh’. Then found out about their political antics and decided Blue Bell was the only way to go.

  • I won’t be purchasing BnJ any more.

  • Matthew G. Zatkalik

    Moving beyond B&J, the three ‘options’ mentioned as replacements to B&J are silent on the issues raised. That does not settle the issue(s) raised by B&J. Buy locally.

  • BallotsNotBullets

    Their next flavor will be in honor of American liberalism everywhere: no cream, just a bitter mix of sour fruits, flakes, nuts, and seeds.

  • isgs

    I have no intention of ever setting foot into one of their establishments. There are way too many good places to eat and enjoy a treat than to suffer through an experience at BJ’s.

  • George Wideman

    I have never and will never support a Ben n Jerry product.
    By George


    Don’t buy it! I never have because the company has always supported abortion and other left wing causes.

  • Spectrum

    “Hubby hubby” ? How sickening.

    I assume they’d also support this…..

  • TheKnowerseeker

    What’s most sad of all is that those thoughtless NPCs will buy this, thinking that they’re sticking it to “The Man”, while Unilever makes 10 times more profit off of those useful idiots than the $100K that they’re donating to NPC causes.