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Ben & Jerry’s Tells Aussies: One Scoop for You!

Ben & Jerry’s, long-known for corporate advocacy, has just announced a ridiculous policy in Australia. The liberal company has banned orders of two same-flavored scoops of ice cream to apparently punish Australians for not implementing same-sex marriage.

On the website, Ben & Jerry’s draws an absurd connection between a double order of your favorite ice cream flavors and the institution of marriage. However, some people on Twittersee through the hyperbole:

“It’s not often you read the dumbest thing ever about ice cream, but here you go.”

Liberal advocacy is no new thing for Ben & Jerry’s. According to our research, the company funds multiple organizations such as Planned Parenthood, The Nature Conservancy and Population Services International. While it is bad enough that the group chooses to show support for the liberal agenda through corporate donations, banning the sale of certain products is on another level.

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  • Pat

    wouldn’t eat their ice cream if it was free!

  • Michael Scapp

    this story is a lie. It’s NOT their policy, they tried to make an analogy with ice cream. You can order whatever you want. More click bait giving us conservatives a bad name.

    • Hazel

      How do you know it isn’t their policy? Have you been to any of the Australian locations to verify?

  • Angelo G

    I never buy there products.
    I don’t care if this is there policy or not, they are a leftist company that is more concerned with spreading there BS then selling ice cream.
    For that reason me or my family and many of my friends do not buy there products. If you are in business then sell your products and keep your opinions to your self , if you choose not to then you also choose to possibly loose customers.
    Money Talks, plain and simple.

  • nursecathy123cat

    It’s not true. However, their web site did use that as a rather silly metaphor. You know, how would you feel if you couldn’t order 2 scoops of your favorite ice cream. That’s how it feels to be gay and not be able to marry the person (of the same gender) you love.