Best Buy & Nordstrom Should Put Customers Ahead of LGBT Politics

Best Buy & Nordstrom Should Put Customers Ahead of LGBT Politics

One of America’s most radical and most influential groups is the Human Rights Campaign (1.86). Dedicated to pushing a sexual agenda which squashes religious liberty and puts men in women’s locker rooms, HRC has become increasingly powerful as corporate America backs away from traditional American sexual values.

HRC’s 2020 convention, March Board meeting, and Capitol Hill Lobby Day are taking place from March 19-21. The group will bring its supporters and corporate backers together to strategize on how to march over the corpse of sexual morality.

But God’s designs are not so easily ended. You can make a difference by telling HRC’s corporate enablers to stick to markets, not politics. Here are two companies to focus on:

  1. Best Buy (1.86)  has created a company culture that stifles disagreement on sexual ethics. It received a 100 percent ranking from HRC in 2018 and has pushed for policies that violate your First Amendment rights.

Tell Best Buy to shape up or you’ll be sending your 2ndVote dollars to their competitor (3.43).

  1. Nordstrom (1.86) likewise has received a 100 percent ranking on HRC’s corporate equality index – and it doesn’t care for your First Amendment rights, either. Be sure to drop your money elsewhere in 2020 unless Nordstrom replaces its low-brow sexual ethics with high-brow focus on customers.

Shop at Dillard’s (3) as an alternative to Nordstrom to avoid spending your 2ndVote dollars at a retailer that doesn’t share your beliefs. 

HRC would like to think that it can replace God’s ethics with its own version of sexual morality. Let’s show them how wrong they are.