Big Brands Alienate Half of Their Consumer Base Pandering to the Left {Issue: 1st Amendment}

Big Brands Alienate Half of Their Consumer Base Pandering to the Left {Issue: 1st Amendment}

A recent Axios/Harris poll found a remarkable improvement in the public’s view toward almost every major industry since the pandemic began. The companies with the highest level of approval were the ones that consumers felt had addressed their needs during COVID-19, and 75 percent of respondents admitted they felt corporations have been “more reliable than the federal government in keeping America running.” 

Clearly, having strong company values that put customers first appeals to Americans. The pandemic has shown us that consumer appreciation for brands like Clorox (2.43), Publix (2.14), Amazon (1.29), and Netflix (2.14) has grown…which is why it’s strange that so many companies are putting left-wing politics of division ahead of customer needs. 

Many well-known brands have jumped on the liberal bandwagon to issue press releases or social media posts in support of the Marxist Black Lives Matter. But other corporations have gone even further to alienate consumers who may disagree with their political views. 

Amazon has been caught prohibiting customers from donating the proceeds of their purchases to several conservative nonprofits. As a result, conservatives and apolitical consumers find themselves ignored and disrespected by corporations — and the corporations find themselves losing customers. 

The fact is that engaging in politics prevents companies from reaching their full market potential. Instead of trying to reach everyone in their target market, multiple corporations are driving away half of their customers. Everyone wants great products from a reliable brand at a good price. But by inserting politics into everything, corporations are helping to keep Americans from sharing, and benefiting from, this universal value. 

Instead of isolating consumers by trying to appeal to one side of the political aisle, companies should focus on improving what it is people pay them for – providing the goods and services that all of us need and want.