Big Businesses Giving Big During Hard Times

Corporate Giving Hands with Heart

Big Businesses Giving Big During Hard Times

At 2ndVote, we provide consumers with valuable information on the brands they shop so that they know where their money is going and which companies to trust with their hard-earned dollars. While this often means discovering that one of your favorite brands is acting in ways that are against America’s traditional values, it also means finding out great things companies are doing to make America a better place. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we wanted you to see how your money is being used to help people get through the public health, social and economic crises facing the nation. Some of the companies you shop with every day are doing amazing work to fight the spread of the virus or working to provide aid to those in need. So, if you’re looking to support those companies that are contributing to the relief effort, please see the list below.

1Password (3)

  • Offering six months of free service for businesses.


Airbnb (1.29)

  • Working with partner hosts to provide 100,000 healthcare providers, relief workers, and first responders with free, convenient, clean housing located near patients


Allbirds (3.09)

  • Donated over $500,000 to relief efforts and is donating shoes to healthcare workers.


Audible (1.29 (Amazon))

  • Offering hundreds of free audiobook titles for children and students.


Champion (3.86)

  • Dedicating a portion of their manufacturing capacity to provide much-needed face masks.


Crocs Shoes (3.09) 

  • Donating 10,000 pairs of crocs per day to healthcare workers.


Eclipse International (3)

  • Producing and donating facemasks.


Eight Oaks Distillery (3)

  • Producing and donating hand sanitizer.


Fanatics (3)

  • Stopped the production of Major League Baseball uniforms in order to use the fabrics for gowns and masks for healthcare workers. This is a two-fer for 2ndVote Americans – MLB and MLB teams are covering the costs.


Federal Ammunition (3.17)

  • Donated all of their N95 face masks to local hospitals to aid in combating the shortage.


Ford & GM (1)

  • Both companies are converting their production lines to produce respirators and ventilators.


Hanes (3.86)

  • Hanes is dedicating a portion of its production capacity to manufacture masks.


Harbor Freight (3)

  • Donating 44 million pairs of nitrile gloves and hundreds of thousands of masks and face shields to various communities.


Hedley & Bennett (3)

  • Producing and donating facemasks.


JetBlue (2.14) and Delta (1.86)

  • Both are offering free airfare for healthcare workers to travel to heavily-impacted areas.


Joann Fabrics (3)

  • Providing free supplies as well as instructions on making 100% cotton face masks and is serving as collection points for completed masks.


Keen Shoes (3.09)

  • Donated over 100,000 pairs of shoes to healthcare workers and other essential industry workers.


LL Bean (2.29)

  • Producing face masks and attire for healthcare workers, and boxing food for hunger relief organizations.


Los Angeles Apparel (3)

  • Producing and donating facemasks.


Michael Costello & Karla Colletto Swimwear (3)

  • Producing and donating facemasks.


MyPillow (3)

  • Producing and donating facemasks.


New Balance (2.86)

  • Donated $2 million to COVID-19 relief efforts and converted a portion of their manufacturing capacity to produce face masks.


Ralph Lauren (2.43)

  • The Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation is committing $10 million toward COVID-19 relief efforts.
  • They have also begun production of 250,000 masks and 25,000 isolation gowns.


Rutter’s (2.39)

  • Providing a $2/hour wage increase to hourly employees and a $100 weekly bonus to salaried employees, as well as emergency paid sick leave and extended family/medical emergency leave to certain employees.


Salvation Army (3.86)

  • The Salvation Army is providing sanitation/disinfection services as well as providing emergency kits, face masks, and other supplies to communities across the country. They have also transitioned their community feeding programs to grab-n-go.


Serta Simmons Bedding (3)

  • Donated 10,000 mattresses to New York City hospitals and temporary medical facilities.


The Tablecloth Company (3)

  • Producing and donating facemasks.


Under Armour (2.29)

  • UA is committing $2 million to the COVID-19 relief efforts.


Wegmans (2.37)

  • Giving all employees an additional $2/hour as well as increases in their paid-time-off policies.


Wendy’s (3)

  • Providing free delivery if orders are placed with Postmates or Grubhub.


Yum Brands: KFC (2.29), Taco Bell (2.29), Pizza Hut (2)

  • Providing aid and support to their employees as well as donating to assorted local food banks and food scarcity organizations.


Zoom (3)

  • Providing free services for schools and have lifted their 40-minute meeting time limit.


The great thing about being a 2ndVote conservative is the ability to hold two thoughts in your head – yes, Airbnb shouldn’t be so liberal, however, they should receive due credit for stepping up during the pandemic. 

This list of large brands is just a few of those that are responding positively to the COVID-19 crisis.  Small businesses are doing great things as well. Don’t forget to shop there first as they need your help more than ever.

This post is part of 2ndVote’s coverage of business charity during the COVID-19 public health, social, and economic crises. We are highlighting companies large and small which are doing their part to help their communities.