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Billionaire Tim Steyer Denies Involvement in Anti-Exxon Campaigns Promoted by his Groups

Tom Steyer, a billionaire evironmentalist, claimed earlier this week that his policy and political groups are not responsible for the recent push to further investigate the accounting measures of Exxon Mobil.

However, after a review of the group’s activities, quite the opposite is the case. “We’re definitely not pushing this thing,” Steyer said. When asked about his communications with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has led efforts to bring fraud and racketeering charges against the company. “We are not a part of this effort,” Steyer added.

Steyer’s super PAC NextGen Climate Action has repeatedly promoted the effort to bring an investigation and charges against the oil conglomerate for allegedly misleading shareholders and the public about the dangers of climate change.

According to Lachlan Markay with Free Beacon:

“NextGen’s New Hampshire arm held a rally in April explicitly billed as an effort to advance Schneiderman’s anti-Exxon legal campaign.”

The rally was held to convince New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster to join the investigation. The social media hashtag #ExxonKnew continues to circulate the internet after the rally gained online momentum.

NextGen isn’t the only organization involved in the coordinated attack on ExxonMobil. The director of the oil and gas program at Ceres indicated in a recent email that the environmental movement has much larger goals:

“It’s a potential tipping point not just for Exxon, but for the industry as a whole.”

It appears that despite Steyer’s misdirection, the environmental left is involved in an effort to thoroughly damage the energy industry.

See more of our coverage of this ongoing story here and be sure to check back as we continue to monitor as the situation with ExxonMobil develops.


  • John

    I bought Al Gore’s DVD “The Inconvenient Truth” and easily saw the errors and false statements back then. I have since learned more and am finding some of the “environmental” statements and positions laughable. One of the absurd positions is the idea of thinking only in terms of decades or a couple of centuries, e.g., NOAA’s comment that we’ve had the warmest summer in about 133 years cracked me up. I consider the minimum time unit to be used for climate research is a millennium. President Obama’s comment about being worried about the climate change effect on Yosemite showed me either his ignorance, or his predisposition toward usurpation. He did not think about the tectonic action to raise the Sierra Nevada mountains (climate at the time: unknown). He forgot(?) that glaciers modified the terrain more closely to what we have now. And we don’t really know how many climate cycles and variations there have been during all this time. I have a science degree and think from that perspective. And I am called anti-science?