What is the Equality Act?

The Equality Act is proposed legislation that would grant special protection status on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) under federal law. If enacted, this measure would implement federal SOGI accommodation mandates similar to the controversial attempts made by cities like Charlotte and Houston to undermine religious liberty protections for business owners and institutions at the behest of the LGBT movement.

SOGI accommodation measures are an attack on religious liberty because they impair how business is conducted in accordance with an owner’s faith. They also raise safety concerns these codes open the door  to allow men into women’s restroom and changing room facilities under the guise of ‘how they identify’ without regard to biological sex.

Small business owners would be especially vulnerable to lawsuits resulting from the implementation of the Equality Act because the special protected status would allow those intent on making an example free reign to prosecute anyone or any institution that didn’t celebrate the LGBT lifestyle.

The Equality Act is one of the liberal Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) top legislative priorities at the federal level and HRC has solicited the support of many major corporations to help lobby for its passage. Below are the corporations that have have joined HRC’s Business Coalition to the Equality Act in support of the LGBT movement’s anti-religious liberty agenda.