The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company


Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. Boeing is the parent company of the following brands Jeppesen, United Launch Alliance, Liquid Robotics, and Aviall. Ticker:   BA

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  • 1.00 Life
  • 1.00 Basic Freedoms
  • 3.00 2nd Amendment
  • 1.00 Civil-Safe Society
  • 3.00 Education
  • 1.00 Environment

Overall score: 1.36

  1. Life 1.00
  2. Basic Freedoms 1.00
  3. 2nd Amendment 3.00
  4. Civil-Safe Society 1.00
  5. Education 3.00
  6. Environment 1.00

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Life 1.00


Boeing is a corporate supporter of the Center for Reproductive Rights, a legal group who pushes abortion throughout the world. Accessed 06/28/18.


Boeing contributes to the Population Council, which promotes abortion worldwide as a way to reduce poverty in densely populated countries around the world, Accessed 9/5/18.

Basic Freedoms 1.00


Boeing is a sponsor of Basic Rights Oregon, which supports transgender bathroom bills and opposes religious liberty, Accessed 04/03/17.

2nd Amendment 3.00

No information has been found to indicate advocacy for or against this issue.

Civil-Safe Society 1.00


Boeing contributes to UnidosUS, formerly known as La Raza, which advocates for sanctuary cities, Accessed 6/5/17.

Education 3.00

Environment 1.00

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