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Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, was authorized by Congress in 1970 to provide a secondary market for residential mortgages. According to Freddie Mac, their primary goals are to make sure that financial institutions have mortgage money to lend, make it easier for consumers to afford a decent house or apartment, and stabilize residential mortgage markets in times of financial crisis. Ticker:   FMCC

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  • 1.00 Life
  • 1.00 Basic Freedoms
  • 1.00 2nd Amendment
  • 1.00 Civil-Safe Society
  • 3.00 Education
  • 1.00 Environment

Overall score: 1.14

  1. Life 1.00
  2. Basic Freedoms 1.00
  3. 2nd Amendment 1.00
  4. Civil-Safe Society 1.00
  5. Education 3.00
  6. Environment 1.00

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Life 1.00


Freddie Mac is listed as a company that matches gifts to Planned Parenthood, Accessed 3/1/17.

Basic Freedoms 1.00


Freddie Mac received a score of 100 on HRC s Corporate Equality Index. See more on HRC s position on religious liberty here, Accessed 5/7/19.

2nd Amendment 1.00

Civil-Safe Society 1.00


Freddie Mac contributes to UnidosUS, formerly known as La Raza, which advocates for sanctuary cities, Accessed 6/6/17.

Education 3.00

No information has been found to indicate advocacy for or against this issue.

Environment 1.00


Freddie Mac has contributed to the Environmental Defense Fund, which is an organization that supports cap-and-trade, Accessed 5/8/17.


Freddie Mac has contributed to the World Wildlife Fund, which is a liberal environmental group that supports putting a price on carbon emissions, a carbon tax and also the 2015 Paris climate deal, Accessed 3/18/19.

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