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MasterCard, Inc.

MasterCard, Inc.

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MasterCard is an American multi-national credit card and financial services company. MasterCard's family of brands includes DataCash and Cirrus. MasterCard's global headquarters are located in Purchase, NY.

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  • 1.00 Life
  • 1.00 Basic Freedoms
  • 1.00 2nd Amendment
  • 1.00 Civil-Safe Society
  • 2.00 Education
  • 3.00 Environment

Overall score: 1.21

  1. Life 1.00
  2. Basic Freedoms 1.00
  3. 2nd Amendment 1.00
  4. Civil-Safe Society 1.00
  5. Education 2.00
  6. Environment 3.00

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Life 1.00


MasterCard is a corporate supporter of the Center for Reproductive Rights, a legal group who pushes abortion throughout the world. Accessed 06/27/18.


MasterCard, Inc. has instituted an “abortion trafficking” policy to pay for or reimburse travel and/or procedure expenses for employees that seek abortions out of state, as a response to the Roe v. Wade (2022) ruling.

Basic Freedoms 1.00


MasterCard is a member of Missouri Competes, Accessed 7/26/16.


Missouri Competes advocates for SOGI protections and opposes religious freedom, Accessed 7/26/16.


MasterCard is a corporate partner of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and received a score of 100 on HRC s Corporate Equality Index. See more on HRC s position on religious liberty here, Accessed 4/25/19.

2nd Amendment 1.00

Civil-Safe Society 1.00

Education 2.00

Environment 3.00

No information has been found to indicate advocacy for or against this issue.

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