NIKE, Inc.

NIKE, Inc.

NIKE, Inc.


Nike is an American multinational apparel, footwear, and sporting equipment company that ranks number 126 on the Fortune 500 list. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon. Nike is also the parent company of the following brands: Converse, Jordan Brand, and Hurley. Ticker:   NKE

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  • 1.00 Life
  • 2.10 Basic Freedoms
  • 3.00 2nd Amendment
  • 3.00 Civil-Safe Society
  • 3.00 Education
  • 2.55 Environment

Overall score: 2.02

  1. Life 1.00
  2. Basic Freedoms 2.10
  3. 2nd Amendment 3.00
  4. Civil-Safe Society 3.00
  5. Education 3.00
  6. Environment 2.55

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Life 1.00


NIKE, Inc. has instituted an “abortion trafficking” policy to pay for or reimburse travel and/or procedure expenses for employees that seek abortions out of state, as a response to the Roe v. Wade (2022) ruling.

Basic Freedoms 2.10


Nike is a corporate partner of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and received a score of 100 on HRC s Corporate Equality Index. See more on HRC s position on religious liberty here. Accessed 4/30/19.


Nike promotes and implements mandatory discrimination training that borders on indoctrination.


Nike is in support of the Equality Act.


Nike along with the company president and CEO condemning pro-LGBT legislation.

2nd Amendment 3.00

No information has been found to indicate advocacy for or against this issue.

Civil-Safe Society 3.00

No information has been found to indicate advocacy for or against this issue.

Education 3.00


Nike has been featured in Common Core tests as a form of product placement.

Environment 2.55


Nike has pledged to continue to support the Paris agreement despite the U.S. withdrawal, Accessed 06/12/17.

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