PayPal Holdings, Inc.

PayPal Holdings, Inc.

PayPal Holdings, Inc.

Financial Services

PayPal is an e-commerce company that allows customers and merchants to transfer money through the internet by computer or smartphone. It is also the parent company of Venmo, Bill Me Later, Xoom, Braintree, and others.

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  • 1.00 Life
  • 1.00 Basic Freedoms
  • 2.00 2nd Amendment
  • 1.00 Civil-Safe Society
  • 3.00 Education
  • 1.00 Environment

Overall score: 1.27

  1. Life 1.00
  2. Basic Freedoms 1.00
  3. 2nd Amendment 2.00
  4. Civil-Safe Society 1.00
  5. Education 3.00
  6. Environment 1.00

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Life 1.00


PayPal is listed as a company that matches gifts to Planned Parenthood, Accessed 04/04/17.


PayPal is a corporate supporter of the Center for Reproductive Rights, a legal group who pushes abortion throughout the world. Accessed 06/27/2018.


PayPal Holdings, Inc. has instituted an “abortion trafficking” policy to pay for or reimburse travel and/or procedure expenses for employees that seek abortions out of state, as a response to the Roe v. Wade (2022) ruling.

Basic Freedoms 1.00


PayPal received a score of 100 on HRC s Corporate Equality Index. See more on HRC s position on religious liberty here, Accessed 4/30/19.


PayPal is a member of Freedom Massachusetts, Accessed 8/24/16.


Freedom Massachusetts advocates for transgender bathroom bills, Accessed 8/24/16.


PayPal joined a coalition of companies in signing Equality North Carolina's letter, calling for the repeal of HB 2, Accessed 6/20/17.
PayPal partners with One Community in Arizona, which is a coalition advocating for SOGI protections which violates 1st Amendment freedoms & religious liberty, Accessed06/12/17.

2nd Amendment 2.00

Civil-Safe Society 1.00


PayPal contributes to UnidosUS, formerly known as La Raza, which advocates for sanctuary cities, Accessed 6/5/17.

Education 3.00

No information has been found to indicate advocacy for or against this issue.

Environment 1.00

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