Business in Focus – Olympic Edition for Omega

2nd Vote takes a 2nd Look at Worldwide Olympic sponsor Omega, the official timekeeping sponsor.

Omega is one of 18 brands under The Swatch Group Ltd. based out of Biel, Switzerland. Omega has been the Olympic Games Official Timekeeper since the 1923 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, with only three exceptions. As the official company for timepieces, clocks, scoring, and scoreboard systems for the 26th time, Omega will measure more than 650,000 times, distances, and scores.

Omega has an overall score of 6, making it a neutral company.  A breakdown of their scorecard is below (all scores are based on a 10-point scale). To learn how we score, please click here. To View research citations click here.

2nd Amendment – 

Omega has remained neutral on 2nd Amendment issues.

Environment – 

Omega has remained neutral on environment issues.

Marriage – 

Omega has remained neutral on marriage issues.

Pro-Life – 

Omega has remained neutral on life issues.

CEO Activism – 

The President of the Executive Group of Swatch Brands Ltd. is Nick Hayek, who is a Swiss citizen. According to U.S. Federal Campaign Finance Laws, foreign citizens are forbidden to contribute to American political parties, candidates, committees, and PAC’s. (, page 86)

Corporate PAC –  

The Swatch Group Ltd. does not have a Corporate Political Action Committee.