Business in Focus – Olympic Edition for Ralph Lauren

2nd Vote takes a 2nd Look at Team USA sponsor Ralph Lauren, official clothing sponsor since 2008.

Ralph Lauren is one of two official outfitters for Team USA and has been an official apparel sponsor since 2008.  During the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, the clothing company created some controversy when it was discovered the apparel they provided was made in China.  Legislation was introduced in Congress that required the United States Olympic Committee to provide our athletes with 100% American-made uniforms. As a result, Ralph Lauren’s Team USA gear has been made domestically.

Ralph Lauren has an overall score of 4.3, making it a Lean Liberal company.  A breakdown of their scorecard is below (all scores are based on a 10-point scale). To learn how we score, please click here. To view research citations, click here.


2nd Amendment – 6

Ralph Lauren has remained neutral on the issue of 2nd Amendment rights.

Environment – 6 

The Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation funds the Nature Conservancy, an organization that supports cap-and-trade policies.

Marriage – 6

Ralph Lauren has remained neutral on marriage issues.

Pro-Life – 2

The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention Partners with Planned Parenthood.

CEO Activism – 

The CEO of Ralph Lauren Corporation is Ralph Lauren.  Since 1999, Lauren has contributed all of his $63,900 to Democrat candidates and committees including the presidential campaigns of President Barack Obama and Senator John Kerry. (, Accessed 2/18/14)

Corporate PAC – 

The Ralph Lauren Corporation does not have a Corporate PAC.